Sports for pregnant women at home

Sports for pregnant women at home

"The most beautiful figure - a pregnant woman!" Familiar saying. Of course, everything is so, and with this no one will argue. But the representatives of the fair sex sought, seek and will seek to look stunning. And for this, first of all you need to keep yourself in good physical shape, and the period of bearing a baby is no exception. There are sports for pregnant women. They do not represent anything unusual. These are the types of athletic activity, the main requirement for which is a moderate level of complexity and a minimal load on certain muscle groups.

Sports for pregnant women at home

What do you prefer?

Kinds of sports for pregnant women are swimming, cycling, walking. Let us consider them in more detail.

The use of training in the pool, in particular swimming, is difficult to underestimate. Water helps to maintain and relax the whole body, there is a so-called feeling of weightlessness - a state in which every pregnant girl will feel most comfortable. Swim future mothers are allowed during the entire period of bearing the fetus.

Bicycle riding

Such a sport for pregnant women is an ideal form of keeping fit for those who can ride a two-wheeled vehicle. However, it is strictly forbidden to make bike trips to pregnant women alone due to the lack of coordination, there may be difficulties in climbing and bicycling. Remember this, do not overestimate your abilities, because it can lead to a fall, which, in turn, is dangerous not only for you, but for the baby.

Another thing if there is a bicycle-simulator. Doing sports for pregnant women on it and are useful, and absolutely safe.

Walking has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the future mother. You should start with walks on small distances, gradually increasing them. During the day it is allowed to pass up to 4 km at a moderate pace in the first and second trimesters and up to 2 km at a slow pace in the third trimester.

Running pregnant is allowed, but after receiving a doctor's advice. If the process of carrying out the fetus proceeds without complications, then this sport for pregnant women is suitable for you. Otherwise, you will have to give up running classes.

What have you forgotten?

Sports for pregnant women can include table tennis and golf. They do not pose any danger, but they do not bring much benefit either.

Equestrian sports, water skiing are contraindicated.

Bowling for pregnant women is quite acceptable, but at a later date requires caution, since there is a high probability of spinal cord stretching. In addition, the sense of balance in future mothers is violated, which means that it will be difficult to throw balls.

Sport for pregnant women, which means skiing, is more acceptable in the early stages, provided that bearing is normal, without complications. In later terms, such activities are not recommended, since there is a huge risk of a fall, which can be fraught with undesirable consequences.

Classes at home

If swimming is necessary for swimming, for cycling - two-wheeled transport, then for some physical activities you need only the desire of the woman herself. Fitness, aerobics, yoga, gymnastics - a great sport for pregnant women at home.

Sport for pregnant: trimester exercises

Trimester first. Mostly all exercises should be aimed at normalization and development of a sense of coordination, which deteriorates noticeably during the period of gestation.

Standing exercises

  • Initial position. the head is tilted, the upper limbs are relaxed. Exhale. Raise your head and pull your upper limbs behind your back, put it on the floor - inhale. Tilt your head to the right / left - to exhale. Take the starting position, exhale. Running time: 3-6 times.
  • Initial position. right and left hand in front of you, keep your fingers in the fist. Inhale. Relax the hands of the upper limbs, performing shaking movements 7-8 times. Exhale. Do not more than 6 times.
  • Initial position:  fingertips touch the shoulders. At the inspiration slowly reduce the elbows in front of the chest, then lift them as high as possible and throw them back so that the upper thoracic region is bent. Re-adopt the original position. Exhalation. Perform 3-6 times.
  • Initial position. feet shoulder width apart. Half-squat, pulling his hands down and back. Exhale. To rise - to breathe. Exercise do 4-12 times.
  • Initial position. The legs are set at the width of the shoulders, the upper limbs are connected at the back. Take your hands down so that the thoracic part of the spine is bent, at the same time draw in the anus. Inhale. Return to the starting position. Exhale. Perform a maximum of 15 times.
  • Initial position. feet shoulder width apart, arms raised. Lean forward, upper limbs also pushing forward. Relax the shoulders, bend the back, hands to hang down, giving them complete freedom. Take the original rack. Make 4-6 times.

Exercises in a sitting position

  • Initial position. lower limbs spread widely, hands on the waist. Touch with your left hand the toe of your right foot. Exhale. Accept the original position. Inhale. Repeat similar actions, alternately changing hands. Perform 4-10 times.

  • Initial position. legs in front of him elongated evenly. We pull the socks forward, and then in the opposite direction, straining them. In this case, the heels should be in the same position. Do, starting with 4 times, gradually increasing the load, but the maximum number should not exceed 9 times.
  • Initial position. sitting, hands on the floor, leading them behind their backs. Breed and reduce limbs, not tearing them from the surface of the floor. Duration: 4-8 times.
  • Initial position. sitting, upper limbs put on the belt. Pull the socks in front of you, connecting the soles of your feet together. Turn the body in one direction or another, 4-5 times.
  • Starting position. sitting position, hands laid back. Leaning on the upper limbs, put one foot on the other. Rotations of the right foot describe the circumference clockwise and in the opposite direction 4-5 times. Return to the original position. Duplicate the action algorithm with the other foot.

Sport for pregnant women in the first trimester positively affects the well-being of the future mother and is performed for the following purposes:

  • providing a normal response of the body to the changes that occur in it due to the bearing of the fetus;
  • maintenance of optimum work of cardiac and respiratory systems;
  • preparation of abdominal muscles and dorsal muscles for future load and static efforts.

Why not?

Sports for pregnant women (1st trimester) should exclude exercises aimed at pulling up the body. The duration of sports activities should begin with a few minutes and gradually increase, in fact, as well as the number of exercises.

Sports for pregnant women (2 trimester)

Exercise number 1 - "Walking". It's very simple, you need to walk on the spot or in a circle. Spread the arms on each side - to inhale, to direct downwards - to exhale. The duration is about 20-30 seconds.

Put your hands on your belt. Take a few steps on the toes, the same steps on the heels, on the outer side of the foot and with tucked fingers. Run no more than 60 seconds.

Steps with long attacks and circular movements of the hand. For one attack, you need to make two circles - forward and backward.

Standing exercises

  • Initial position. feet shoulder width apart, arms below. Put your hands to the sides. The right leg is pulled back, pulling the toe, - inhale, put your foot, lower your hands - exhale. Duplicate the algorithm of actions with the left limb. Do 3-6 times.
  • Initial position. Stand of the leg on the width of the shoulders, the arms are lowered and relaxed. We make circular rotations with shoulders. Shoulders should be used synchronously, and hands - completely relaxed. Perform 3-12 times.

Exercises in sitting position

  • Initial position. the legs are even, are slightly apart, the toes are drawn to the ceiling. Make an attempt to touch the outer arch of the floor foot. In this case, the heels should not move. Do the same, trying to put the inside of the foot on the floor. Perform 6-16 times in each of the parties.
  • Initial position. sitting, hands pull back. Relying on his hands, put his right foot on his left. Describe the circumference (circular rotation) with the foot of the right limb left and right 4-5 times. Accept the initial position. Repeat the action algorithm with the other leg.

Exercises in a horizontal position

  • Starting position. lying on the side, the left hand supports the head, the lower limbs are attached. Rotate the right rectified left leg along the maximum possible amplitude clockwise and against it 7-8 times. Break - 25-30 seconds. Lie on the other side and load the right leg.

Sports for pregnant women (2 trimester) consists of the above physical exercises, the implementation of which includes such goals as:

  • providing full blood supply to the fetus;
  • stimulation of breathing;
  • as a prophylactic against varicose veins;
  • development of flexibility;
  • relaxation.

Doing sports for pregnant women in the third trimester. Standing exercises

  • Walking in place, spread your arms around - inhale, lower - exhale. Run no more than 25 seconds.
  • Initial position. feet on the width of the shoulders, the feet are turned to the sides, hands on the belt line. Do half-squats, pushing your hands forward and pointing your knees in different directions. Do 6-8 times.
  • Initial position. feet shoulder width apart, arms lowered. Upper extremities dilute to the sides. One leg to take back to the toe - to inhale, put your foot, lower your arms - exhale. Do the same with the second leg. Perform 3-6 times.

Exercise lying

  • Initial position. lying on his back, his knees bent, the foot of each foot resting on the floor. Perform lifting of the pelvis, spreading the knees. In this case, the muscles of the perineum should be relaxed as much as possible. Do 3-6 times.
  • Initial position. supine, arms along the body. While breathing in, move the lower limbs apart as far as possible. Exhale Perform 4-8 times.
  • Initial position. horizontal on the back, hands on the sides. To bend arms or hand in elbows, as much as possible straining muscles of arms or hand, and fingers - in a fist. Hold the tension for 10-20 seconds, then relax and lower it to the floor. Perform 3-6 times.
  • Starting position. lying on his back, legs shoulder-width apart. We pull the socks of the extremities towards ourselves, strongly straining all the muscular tissues of the legs. Delay the state of tension for 15-20 seconds. Bring to a relaxed state. Perform 3-6 times.

The system of training for pregnant women during the 3rd trimester may include other exercises aimed at the development of a particular muscle group, and not representing a danger to Mom and her future baby.

Physical training for pregnant women in the third trimester is necessary in order to:

  • reinforcement skills to breathe deeply and rhythmically when playing sports;
  • perfection of exercises, corresponding to the provisions that a woman takes in childbirth

Sport for pregnant women should be fun, but not take the last strength! Keep this in mind and do not overload yourself with loads.

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