Sunny gift from the depths of centuries

Healing stone amber. Sunny gift from the depths of centuries

stone amber

Mysterious stone amber, perhaps, the mostinteresting from all the gems. A stone of organic origin, with whose name is associated with many myths, legends and beliefs. Until now, it remains a mystery for scientists who study its properties, as it contains many new mysteries. One of the ancient Greek legends says that the amber stone is the tears of Phaethon's sisters, who turned into poplars and began to emit tar drops, mourning their brother. The son of Helios was punished by Zeus for not being able to hold the reins in the chariot. For this misconduct, Phaethon was thrown to the ground, where he crashed against the rocks. His sorrowful sisters, the daughters of the sun god, turned into beautiful poplars, mourning the deceased. Their bitter tears dripped into the river that flowed beneath them, turning into a warm, sunny stone. Since then, the stone of sun and sorrow helps people to cope with the pain of loss: those who have experienced grief give a chance to start life anew, finding the strength for this.amber stone sign of the zodiac

Amber is a stone whose properties are widelyare known both in medicine and in industry, really is a resin of coniferous trees. Due to this, the mineral has many different colors and shades. Many millions of years ago, coniferous trees grew, isolated resin, died.amber stone propertiesCenturies passed, sometimes the sea covered the land, and fromtrees there was only tar, washed by water, giving it soft forms. From cold sea waves, the pieces hardened, and then thrown ashore. There are transparent, yellow, red and even black varieties of this sun stone. Primary deposits - mineral layers, located at a depth of 10 meters, most often they are unsuitable for jewelry and handicrafts. Such amber is involved in industrial medicine. 90% of the reserves of this gem are located on the Baltic coast (Kaliningrad and the Baltic states). Up to 250 species of this mineral are known.

Jewelry stone. Amber in its splendor

Amulets and talismans, beads and rings, bracelets,figurines and figurines, caskets, vases, snuffboxes, candlesticks, rosary beads, and also an analogue of a monetary unit - all this was made from amber or with its presence and was very appreciated in trade circles. The coveted Baltic stone became firmly in vogue, the rich ancient Roman nobility made from it bowls and vessels, bas-reliefs, various interior items, but most of all ornaments. In the Land of the Rising Sun amber of cherry color was worn by members of the imperial family. The famous architectural monument The Amber Room consists of mosaic panels made of amber.amber beads

Healing stone. Amber on guard of health

Even in ancient times we knew about the medicinal propertiesthis stone. A panacea for all diseases. Many carry it with them for prevention. Calms, protects from mental disorders, treats prostatitis and kidney stones. The solar physician copes with poor eyesight, and with heart diseases, bleeding, stomach and lung diseases. He treats vertigo, viral diseases, and in addition, powder from the stone is applied to cracks and wounds.

Magical properties of amber

To its owner the stone gives beauty, attractsluck and love, heals apathy and depression. Amber gives its master victorious qualities and protects against enemies, evil spells. Light birth promises amber to future mothers, newlyweds - a long happy life, love and loyalty, farmers - a rich harvest and material wealth.

Astrology and amberamber statuette

The stone, whose sign of the Zodiac is the Lion, bears itssolar constellation leadership and nationwide recognition. Women are given sexual attraction for members of the opposite sex, men - power and authority. In general, amber is suitable for everyone except Taurus and Capricorn. The most preferred is the Baltic mineral for Aries and Gemini.

A piece of happiness

If you happen to spend time in the Balticcoast, try your luck, find your piece of happiness. In the sand or the sea, somewhere on the surface in the rocks or in the depths in the algae your sunny gift awaits you.

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