Tablets for abortion

Tablets for abortion

No one in life is immune from the onsetunplanned pregnancy. In the life of every woman there are periods when she is simply not ready or unable to bear children for one reason or another. In such a situation, you should carefully choose the means of contraception, in order to prevent yourself from undesirable consequences. But if this has already happened, pills for abortion can help.

There is a misconception that such drugsare completely harmless for women's health, so you can do your own abortion. But consultation with a doctor is inevitable, because only he can provide qualified help and give competent advice in the matter of the safety of medical abortion. After all, any actions and experiments on the body can end badly, it all depends on the individual characteristics.

The first pills for abortionappeared in the 80's in France. Six long years new, unique in its functional orientation, the drug was tested and studied. After this, women were able to virtually painlessly remove the fetus, their use was possible only within 42 days after conception. The essence of the action of this miracle drug is that its components prevent the production of progesterone (a female hormone that creates conditions for the stable development of the baby, and in the early stages - to fix the embryo on the walls of the uterus).

Currently, the most popular tablets forabortion-postinor. They are an anti-gestagenic agent of synthetic production. After conception in the body, the woman undergoes a complete hormonal reconstruction. If earlier progesterone was produced in large quantities only after ovulation, now during the entire pregnancy this hormone is produced and provides vital activity and development of the fetus. But how does this happen? The fact is that it is he who serves as the main factor restraining the uterus from unnecessary reductions. A deficiency of progesterone can lead to miscarriage. Postinor for abortion works according to the principle of restraining progesterone production and additional stimulation of uterine wall contractions. Too much activity leads to the fact that the fetus can not hold on to the uterus more firmly and exfoliate. The duration of such drugs does not exceed 72 hours.

Often, pills for abortionuse on the last term. This is done to increase the tone of the uterus, to cause the onset of labor. For young couples who did not cope with feelings and did not use remedies, these pills will be the ideal solution to all possible problems. In this situation, the drug is taken within two days after the occurred unprotected sexual intercourse.

In this case, do not forget about the presence of certaincontraindications. So, pills for abortion should not be taken to women with impaired renal and liver function or other organ. It is not recommended to resort to such a method of protection for those suffering severe anemia or diseases of the female reproductive system. Also, experts argue that the expected result of the tablet for abortion will not be brought to women of the age category over 35 who drink alcohol and are addicted to cigarettes in large quantities. The most important contraindications are individual inability to transfer individual components of the medicine, as well as when suspicion of ectopic pregnancy, because then you can not delay.

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