The drug Mukofalk: the instruction

The drug "Mukofalk": the instruction

"Mukofalk" - a drug that is used forconstipation therapy, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticular disease, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, functional diarrhea, ulcerative colitis. The main form of the drug is granules, which are further used to prepare suspensions for internal administration. The drug is packed in special bags and has a pleasant aroma of orange.

Medicinal product "Mukofalk". Instruction: composition, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics

Active substance in the composition of the agent - shellseeds of plantain. The auxiliary components include dextrin, sucrose, sodium alginate, citric acid, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, saccharin. The drug is not absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract.

The components of the preparation have a vegetableorigin. Hydrophilic fibers, which are part of the shells of psyllium seeds, are able to absorb large amounts of water due to swelling. The outcome of this interaction is an increase in volume, softening of the consistency of the contents of the intestine, strengthening peristalsis, facilitating the passage of stool. The drug can not be called a classic laxative because it can be used to treat constipation and functional diarrhea at the same time. It increases the content of beneficial bacteria of the intestine and the products of their cleavage. The drug reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood due to the binding of bile salts. Hydrophilic fibers have no nutritional value, are not absorbed in the stomach, intestines, do not cause addiction.

The drug "Mukofalk." Instruction: method of administration, dose, side effects

The drug is intended forinternal reception. Adults, children over the age of twelve should receive one packet two or six times a day. Before use, the contents are poured into a small glass, which slowly fills with water. The mixture is stirred, then drunk and washed down with another same glass of liquid.

Among the side effects is the emergence ofvarious allergic reactions to individual components of the drug. At the beginning of therapy, it is possible to increase flatulence, the appearance of an unpleasant feeling of overflow in the abdomen.

Medicinal product "Mukofalk". Instruction: contraindications, drug interactions.

The following contraindications touse of the drug: hypersensitivity to components, stricture of the stomach, intestines, which are of an organic nature, threatening, existing intestinal obstruction, diabetes mellitus decompensated, violations of the water-electrolyte balance.

The drug can somewhat reduce the absorption of drugs that are taken with it. It is forbidden to use it simultaneously with antidiarrhoeal substances.

The drug "Mukofalk." Instruction: special instructions, overdose

Between taking this medication andother drugs should be observed interval, which is one hour. Patients who have insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus should receive lower doses of insulin. Reception of the drug should be accompanied by the use of a large amount of fluid. The drug "Mukofalk" during pregnancy is used only for the purpose of the attending physician. The drug is not used in pediatrics because of a lack of evidence to confirm its safety for children.

When taking a large amount of medicinalfunds may cause pain in the abdomen, flatulence, feelings of overcrowding. For the therapy used drugs of symptomatic effect, abundant drink. The drug "Mukofalk" for weight loss is used in our time often, but this is dangerous because of the high probability of developing symptoms of an overdose.

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