The genius of the second plan

The genius of the second plan. Brian Hallisay. Biography of a Hollywood star

In the film industry of each individual country, as inall the world's cinema, there are a number of promising artists. Each of them, of course, is talented. But not so successful to break into the ranks of the first stars. All of them are waiting for their high point.

This category includes American male actors. Young, bright and promising, they were remembered by separate roles in little-known paintings. One of them will be discussed in this article.

Brian Hallisay

Unrecognized "Brad Pitt"

This American handsome man could make upany other recognized Hollywood sex symbol. Or get on the list of the sexiest stars. If you were a bit more famous ... However, he does not take popularity. It so happened that he is a frequent guest of many famous serials, but he is not proud of participation in feature films.

Brian Hallisay, a native of the District of Columbia,was born in 1978. He graduated from a private school for boys, and entered Cornell University not to become an actor. Then he was attracted by economics and history. With the end of the institution, he tried his hand at Wall Street. But nothing, except as a mention in the famous American film, this famous New York street did not leave.

From obscurity to fame: serials

The main argument of Bryan was his spectacularappearance. Brian Hallissey (photo to that confirmation) never started his figure, doing sports at school and university. Cute faces, he thought, are always required on the screen, therefore, not having an appropriate education, he at his own risk went to conquer the casting agency. Fortunately, it turned out.

brian hallissey photoBrian Hallisey received an episodic role inseries "Strong medicine." Unbeknownst to him, his serial career went uphill - in just a year he appeared in a number of shows, among them: "Detective Rush", "CSI", "Special Division", "Without a trace", "Medium", "Bones". Participation in such projects meant one thing - the career of Hellysee soared in a jiffy.

Stuck on the spot

The actor did not want to remain a serial guest.In 2006, Brian Hallisseus tries his hand at the comedy "Stylish Things". The tape, which appeared on the video, had no special recognition. In part, this was due to a small budget. Someone called the guilt of the disastrous Paris Hilton game and the lack of any interest in the plot. Another picture, the drama "Known by the name", appeared on one of the television channels, was neutral.

In 2008, CBS launches the youth comedy series "Spoiled." Throughout the 2008-2009 season, Brian Hallisey is listed as the regular star of the project.

New offers

Not expecting new offers to appear on the bigscreen, the actor again returns to the series. Episodic participation takes place in "Eastwick", "Rizzoli and Ils" and "Corollary to the body." They are followed by "Love bites" and "Double", lasting one season, and a more successful "Revenge". In 2011, Brian gets the main role in the third part of the sensational horror "Hostel". Screen space, he shares with Kip Pard, Thomas Kretschman and John Hensley. Another picture of the same genre - "Awakening" - is on television.

The main party

With the drama series "List of customers"perhaps the most important thing that happened in the life of Brian. The actor not only received a permanent role, but also became acquainted with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Of course, he knew the star of youth and romantic paintings. But did not think that with Jennifer, who is younger than him for four months, he will be associated with a romantic relationship. In the fall of 2013, lovers combined a marriage without informing the public about it. Later, the actress gave birth to the first child, daughter of James James.

American male actors

In 2013, Bryan committed himself to a secondarythe role of the drama series "Mistress". A year later he appeared in two successful Hollywood films - the horrors of "Jezabel" and the real-life military drama "Sniper", for which Bradley Cooper was nominated for an Oscar. Later, Hallissey joined the popular American soap opera "Revenge".

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