The ideal figure for girls: what is it

The ideal figure for girls: what is it?

The modern world presents its demands to every person. Most of the men should be successful, and women - beautiful. So what should she be, the ideal figure for girls?

an ideal figure for girls

Everybody knows

There are all known parameters thatalmost every girl tries to match - 90-60-90 (chest-waist-hip). However, in order to preserve the natural beauty and balance of body size, do not focus on these numbers, because they are only needed by women who are going to become models. As designers like to say, they do not need girls, they need hangers for invented outfits, that's all. Therefore, one should not think that this is the ideal figure of a girl. Parameters 90-60-90 today are not relevant for men.

What do you need?

So what does it take to please men? What is the ideal figure for girls today? There is no definite answer. If you ask a man, he's the ideal person who will name your favorite figure. Therefore, remember the main rule: every woman is beautiful, despite the presence of extra pounds. The main thing is not to bring the body to disgrace. However, the world still makes certain demands on women. What you should pay attention to? First, it's weight. The girl should be thin enough to cause admiration of associates. You also need to think about your legs (no cellulite!) And flat tummy. It is good to have a breast at least a third size. The whole body should be thin and elegant, and moderate muscle swelling is also welcomed. To the growth of special claims there, the girl can be both low and high.

perfect girl figure photo settings

How to achieve this?

An ideal figure for girls should not beunattainable dream. You can achieve everything yourself, with a little effort. So, proper nutrition is very important. Most of the problems with excess weight now arise because of the inability of a person to properly form their diet. You need not that much - a balanced diet, lots of vitamins and minerals. Also it is necessary to use less carbonated drinks, sweets and white bread. That's all the wisdom, proper nutrition - the key to successfully maintaining the figure in the norm. Equally important in this case physical activity, preferably daily. However, do not be too zealous, because everything is good in moderation. Excellent, if it is possible to enroll in the gym and work under the supervision of the coach, he will adjust the necessary load. What else is needed to make an ideal figure? For girls, rest is very important, and not only for the body itself, but also for the exterior. If a person does not have enough rest, he just can not look good. And, of course, positive emotions. Without them, the girl will never attract the attention of the guys, no matter how beautiful and well-groomed she is.

perfect figure girl settings


It is very important not to forget to perform every daySimple rules that are necessary to maintain the figure. What else can I do? It's good to stimulate yourself. The easiest way is to hang out everywhere the photos of the ladies you want to equate with. Before the eyes will always be the ideal figure of the girl: photo, parameters. And to achieve the result will be much easier.

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  • The ideal figure for girls: what is it The ideal figure for girls: what is it The ideal figure for girls: what is it The ideal figure for girls: what is it The ideal figure for girls: what is it The ideal figure for girls: what is it