The phase sensor VAZ-2114 (8 valves): self-replacing

The phase sensor VAZ-2114 (8 valves): self-replacing

Phase sensor VAZ-2114 (8 valves) is required forIn order to normalize the operation of ICE. With the help of many electronic sensors, it is possible to correctly correct the moment of fuel injection of the air mixture, as well as the supply of a spark to the candle electrodes. And the sensors are installed not only on VAZ cars of the fourteenth model, but also more modern ones.

How the Injector Works

In order for the engine to function perfectly, all the nodes must work together. All parameters are regulated by means of an electronic microprocessor control unit, a kind of computer.phase sensor VAZ-2114 8 valves

And all in the design of the car several systems:

  1. Air preparation.
  2. Fuel supply.
  3. Ignition.
  4. Emission of exhaust gases.
  5. Engine lubrication.
  6. Cooling.
  7. Gas distribution.
  8. Engine management.

For maximum stable operationThe engine requires that all sensors produce a clear and clear signal that the computer receives and processes. This corrects the opening time of the injectors, as well as the timing of injection of the fuel mixture. The electronic system also allows you to slightly adjust the ignition timing.

For what the sensor of phases answers

This device is installed in the distributionshaft and gives a signal to the microcontroller about the position of the pistons of the engine. The sensor on the hall effect works. A gear wheel is installed on the camshaft, which is necessary for the functioning of the sensor. As soon as the teeth of this gear approach the sensor, a signal is generated. On the camshaft gear, one tooth is missing. This "hollow" must necessarily be placed opposite the active part of the sensor.

phase sensor VAZ-2114 8 valves price

In this position, the piston of the first cylinderis at the top dead center. As soon as the camshaft changes its position, a signal is generated at the sensor output, it is fed to the electronic control unit. The latter counts the number of pulses and issues commands to the actuators. This is how the phase sensor on the VAZ-2114 (8 valves) works. The price of the new item is not more than 600 rubles.

The main signs of breakage

If the crankshaft sensor becomes unusable,then the shape and magnitude of the output signal is disturbed. The microcontroller interrogates the device for no more than 5 minutes. If the signal from the sensor does not appear, the control unit is put into emergency operation mode. Then only the sensor on the crankshaft is analyzed, the fuel injection is fed into two cylinders at the same time. The consumption of gasoline is increased by 10%. The main features of the phase sensor failure:

  1. Significant increase in gasoline consumption.
  2. Deterioration of the dynamic characteristics of the car.
  3. Difficult start of the engine. In the best case, it will start in 3-5 seconds.
  4. The Check Engine lamp lights up on the dashboard.
  5. Faulty diagnosis of the computer and systems.
  6. Errors P0343 or P0340 appear on the on-board computer.

Malfunctions of the phase sensor on VAZ-2114 (8valves) lead exactly to this behavior of the engine. It should be taken into account that the malfunction may also occur when the timing belt is broken, the markings are not correctly positioned. And also with excessive wear of gears on the distribution and crankshafts.

Errors on board computer

Error at the number P0343 very often appearsafter oxidation of contacts or at breakage of electroconducting. It is possible to independently diagnose the ICE control system by using the simplest scanner operating on the K-line or the OBD-II protocol. But it is better to entrust this work to professionals who have high-quality equipment.

phase sensor VAZ-2114 8 fault valves

The most accurate check of the phase sensor VAZ-2114 (8valves) is the installation of a known good device. But keep in mind that you need to purchase sensors for 8-valve engines. Those that are put on 16-valve, have a different design. Their output signal is different.

Removing the device

To remove the phase sensor, you need to find the place in which it is installed. It is located behind the air filter housing. It is fixed to the engine with only one bolt.

phase sensor VAZ-2114 8 valves check

For dismantling, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  1. Disconnect the battery negativeterminal. At the same time, the computer memory is completely cleared, the error is erased. If you do not disconnect the battery, after the replacement of the phase sensor on the VAZ-2114 (8 valves), an error will still appear, and the engine will not operate correctly.
  2. Disconnect the device from the device with a wire.
  3. Using a key on the "10", you need to unscrew the bolt that secures the sensor housing. It is advisable to use a ring wrench or a face head.
  4. Carefully remove the sensor.

That's all, now you can install a new onedevice. The replacement procedure is very simple, and even an inexperienced driver can perform it. When dismantling, do not use a percussion instrument - suddenly the sensor is working, and you accidentally damage it.

Installing a new phase sensor

Before installing a new device,you must carefully clean the seat for it. Use sealants is not worth it, as there is little use from them - there is a docking ring that protects against the penetration of foreign particles. And if you apply sealant, then the next disassembly remove the sensor will be difficult. And the remnants of the sealant can get into the lubrication system and mess things up there.phase sensor VAZ-2114 8 valves replacement

Therefore, simply replace the phase sensorVAZ-2114 (8 valves). Check the operation of the device should be done after connecting the negative terminal to the battery. Immediately pay attention to how the engine works and for errors of the on-board computer. If errors are present, then, perhaps, the problem was not in the sensor, but in the wires of its connection.

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  • The phase sensor VAZ-2114 (8 valves): self-replacing The phase sensor VAZ-2114 (8 valves): self-replacing The phase sensor VAZ-2114 (8 valves): self-replacing The phase sensor VAZ-2114 (8 valves): self-replacing The phase sensor VAZ-2114 (8 valves): self-replacing The phase sensor VAZ-2114 (8 valves): self-replacing The phase sensor VAZ-2114 (8 valves): self-replacing The phase sensor VAZ-2114 (8 valves): self-replacing The phase sensor VAZ-2114 (8 valves): self-replacing The phase sensor VAZ-2114 (8 valves): self-replacing