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The Spanish visa. Design Features

Spain is a country of wonderful nature, warmthe sea, golden beaches, incendiary dances, bright costumes and temperamental people. Who does not dream of plunging into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea or splashing in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, admire the amazing beauty of the landscape and get to know more closely the architectural monuments that have been rising since the Middle Ages? All this and much else will give a trip to Spain. This paradise is pleasant to everyone, without exception, but in order to see the bullfight with your own eyes, you need a Spanish visa, which you can not easily arrange.

This state is included in the Schengen area, thereforehaving issued the permission, it will be possible to visit not only Spain, but also other countries that have signed this agreement. The package of documents in the consulate must be handed in at least fifteen days before the trip, but not earlier than three months. If these rules are observed, you can be sure of the timely issuance of a badge.

Spanish visaDocuments for the Spanish visa are needed practically the same as for other countries:

  • A passport with clean sheets, which must be in effect for the duration of the trip.
  • Old passports (if any).
  • Application for a Spanish visa.
  • Passport of a Russian citizen.
  • Photocopies of all pages of the Russian and foreign passport.
  • 2 photos, 80% of which is occupied by a person.
  • A photocopy of the marriage certificate.
  • A photocopy of the birth certificate (if the child is under 18 years old or his trip is paid by the parents).
  • Certificate of income (on the company's letterhead, indicating the name of the organization, position, signature of leading persons).
  • Help from the university (for students).
  • Bank account statement.

Documents for the Spanish visaIf a Spanish visa is issued to tourists for the first timeand Schengen in foreign passports is not observed, it is also necessary to provide copies of documents for owning a car, real estate, as well as papers confirming that in Russia, leaving leaves the children, parents or spouse dependent on him.

The Spanish visa is issued only by a wealthypeople whose monthly income is at least about 600 dollars. The host government must be confident that the newcomer will be able to provide for himself. For each day of stay in the state is calculated at least 64 euros. But if a person does not work anywhere or the salary is less than the established minimum, you can submit a certificate from the job and an application from the sponsor of the trip.

Application for a Spanish visaFor children traveling with third parties,must have a notarized travel authorization from both parents. For a child going to Spain with one of the parents, you need permission from the second. The Spanish visa is issued depending on the purpose of the trip. If it is a tourist trip, then it is necessary to provide hotel reservation, round-trip tickets. A guest visa is issued if there is an invitation from a resident of Spain.

You can also go to Spain for training,business meeting, participation in various meetings. In the first case it is necessary to submit a certificate from the place of study, in the second - an official invitation from the organization with which the foreigner cooperates. The visa is not issued to persons who have been deported from one of the Schengen countries, conducting activities contrary to the laws of Spain and the citizens sought by law enforcement agencies.

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