The tallest buildings in the world: overview, description, rating

The tallest buildings in the world: overview, description, rating

In this day-to-dayconstruction gives a chance to build incredibly high skyscrapers, which are real masterpieces of architecture. In recent years, the planet has appeared a lot of interesting places, which whenever possible should be seen by every person on Earth. We will tell you about them in this article. We offer to consider the ten highest buildings on the planet, and to begin the list of the highest buildings of the planet, perhaps, is from the last position.

10. International Commercial Center in Hong Kong (China)

International Commercial Center in Hong Kong

The opening of the high-rise building in 118 floors took place onwest of Hong Kong in early 2010. It is now considered the highest building of the metropolis. The real height of the building is 484 m. Initially, the architects wanted to create a high-rise of 574 meters, but the ban on the construction of structures above the nearby mountain peaks prevented this. The skyscraper has 40 elevators, which have a huge speed. On the hundredth floors the hotel of the legendary network "Ritz" is located, from where incredible landscapes open to the whole metropolis. Levels under the ground are occupied by boutiques, and at the hundredth level you will be able to discover panoramic views.

9. World Financial Center in Shanghai (China)

The ninth position of the ranking of the tallest buildingsworld is also a masterpiece of Chinese builders. When the construction of the multifunctional structure was completed, its height was 492 meters. The structure has 101 floors, while at the hundredth level (at 472 meters of height) there are panoramic windows with an incredible panorama of Shanghai. The architect of the structure is New York expert David Malotte. To note is the fact that the building passed serious tests for seismic resistance and is able to withstand an earthquake of 7 points. A carefully designed exit system allows you to get out of the building without problems in an emergency. Each 12th floor of the building is specially protected, where the staff of the center will be able to hide from the fire. Glasses of these floors allow rescuers to quickly evacuate people in a fire, and the refractory skeleton has a special design. The local population calls this structure an "opener", because it really resembles its shape.

8. Taipei 101 in Taipei (Taiwan)

Taipei 101

The high-rise structure of Taipei 101, located inthe center of the eponymous capital of Taiwan, has 101 floors, and the height of the building is 509 meters, coupled with the spire. Taipei 101 was erected only for 4 years, and in 2003 its grand opening took place. The lower floors of the skyscraper are adapted for the shops, the upper levels contain working areas. It should also be noted that before the construction of the New York Freedom Tower, Taipei was the tallest building in the world among business. The design of Taipei is powerfully protected from seismological changes and has strong supports that extend 80 meters into the depths of the earth. Special protection from hurricanes and earthquakes is a huge pendulum in the form of a ball, located between the 87th and 91st floors, its weight reaches 660 tons. To note is the presence in the construction of high-speed elevators, the usual speed of which is 60 km / h. On the 89th floor of the skyscraper is a viewing platform, and the path to the elevator to it will be only 40 seconds. The exterior of the structure contains features of postmodernism combined with features of traditional Chinese architecture.

7. International Financial Center CTF in Guangzhou (China)

The height of the building located in Chinesemegalopolis, reaches 530 meters. The highest building of Guangzhou has 116 floors above the ground and 6 - under it. The skyscraper is equipped with elevators with a high speed of movement in the amount of 86 pieces. To note is the fact that the building is residential, and in addition to the hotel and business areas there are luxury apartments with a panorama to the region of Guangdong. The skyscraper has a huge parking for 1,700 seats, as well as an overview site on one of the upper levels. A well-thought-out, streamlined form of the tower protects the living quarters from the currents of strong wind. The stepped podium of the skyscraper contains a banquet hall and a reception hall, there are in the building and huge shopping areas with a cinema. A skyscraper is located next to the previous high-altitude city record holder - a 439-meter financial center. In addition, the surface of the skyscraper, like that of the neighboring building, is covered with ceramic profiles that protect the interiors of the skyscraper from the scorching sun.

6. Tower of Freedom in New York (USA)

Freedom Tower in New York City

The Tower of Freedom - that's what the worldThe office skyscraper, which is the tallest building in the world among business buildings and located in the heart of Manhattan. This structure is 541 m in height, including 104 ground levels and 5 ground levels. The author of the building was Daniel Libeskind. The business area of ​​the complex is 241 thousand square meters, and on the lower ground floor there is a hall with a height of 24 meters. Under the office are given the lower 69 floors of the skyscraper, several of the following belong to the television company, and at elevations of 415 and 417 meters there are memorable observation platforms, since this was the height of the skyscrapers of the World Trade Center. The height of 541 m (1776 ft) is also chosen for a reason, since in 1776 independence of the United States of America was accepted. The antenna of the Freedom Tower has a length of 124 m, and the building weight is about 760 tons.

5. Lotte World Tower in Seoul (South Korea)

Lotte World in Seoul

The highest construction of the Korean peninsulais the tower of the multifunctional center Lotte World, whose height is 555 m. The tower has a streamlined cone shape and high-tech design. The structure has a facade with glass unusual panels, reminiscent of Korean national ceramics. The construction of the building was postponed several times because of the nearby airport, but was later resumed. A multifunctional skyscraper of 123 floors height also has 6 underground shopping levels, 53 level offices, 24 floors of apartments and 33 levels of an elite hotel. Floors from 120th to 123rd are given under one of the highest viewing platforms of the planet. In addition to everything listed in the "Lotte World" is a huge oceanarium.

4. Ping An International Financial Center in Shenzhen (China)

The building of the international complex of Penan has 599meters height and 115 levels. At the end of construction in 2017, the structure was the 2nd highest construction in China and the fourth in the whole world. The design of the building was originally assumed to be an antenna with which the skyscraper would be 660 meters, but later it was canceled as an obstacle for aircraft. And with it the tower would become the second tallest on the entire planet. The center of Penan is located in the Shenzhen office district, and inside the building there are not only office premises, but also boutiques, apartments and a viewing platform.

3. Clock Tower of Mecca (Saudi Arabia)

Tower in Saudi Arabia

Multifunctional Abraj Al Beit, erectedin the world capital of Muslim, has the heaviest and 3rd highest building on the planet. The construction of the building in Mecca rises to 601 meters and has one hundred and twenty levels. Also, the structure has the largest clock dial on the planet, whose radius is 21.5 meters. The top of the building ends with a classic Muslim crescent. In addition to residential areas in the tower there are rooms for conferences, hotels, food courts, parking lots, boutiques and even helicopter sites. At the same time, a hundred thousand people can live in Abraj Al-Beit, and the complex with a high-rise is particularly popular primarily because it is located directly opposite the main Muslim mosque on the planet. The construction of the tower took 8 years and was completed by 2012, and the initial cost of the entire complex was estimated at $ 1.5 billion.

2. Shanghai Tower (China)

Shanghai Tower

This is the 2nd highest building on the planet. The entire length of the Shanghai skyscraper is 632 m, with the highest point of the building itself being 569 m, and the required height is achieved with the help of a huge spire antenna. He is second only to the Emirati Burj Khalifa. The tower has 130 levels, on which are located office premises, shopping and entertainment areas, a five-star hotel and all kinds of galleries. The American architectural bureau was responsible for the project of a stylish high-tech skyscraper, and the construction of the Shanghai Tower took about 7 years. The underground levels of the building contain parking areas and subway exits.

1. Khalifa Tower in Dubai (UAE)

Burj Khalifa in Dubai

It's no secret that there is in Dubaithe tallest building in the world. Dubai skyscraper was built as a metropolis in the metropolis. On its territory has everything you need for a luxurious pastime. The height of the tallest building in the world is 830 m. At the same time, the height of the building itself is 648 meters, and the additional length is created using an antenna. The answer to the question of how many floors the tallest building in the world occupies is not so simple, because besides the public 163 levels there are 2 underground levels and 46 technical levels located in the spire. The authors of the legendary project of our time are Adrian Smith and the Skidmore bureau.

The tallest building in the world has 57 elevators withspeed of only 10 m / s. And only one of them, service, goes from the first floor to the last. Considering how many floors have the tallest building in the world, it can be assumed what the number of services and services located on it. At the levels of the tower are not only entertainment areas and residential areas, but also their own park and garden areas. Dubai has the tallest building in the world, perhaps the most tourist destination. Every tourist wants to visit the panoramic level at 123 meters and the observatory "at the top." Burj Khalifa worthy of the title of the tallest building in the world.


We are sure that after a while the list of the tallest buildings in the world will be replenished. Indeed, in our time, various buildings are being built almost every year, and this will surprise only a few people.

We hope that the article was informative for you and you managed to find answers to all your questions.

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  • The tallest buildings in the world: overview, description, rating The tallest buildings in the world: overview, description, rating The tallest buildings in the world: overview, description, rating The tallest buildings in the world: overview, description, rating The tallest buildings in the world: overview, description, rating The tallest buildings in the world: overview, description, rating The tallest buildings in the world: overview, description, rating The tallest buildings in the world: overview, description, rating The tallest buildings in the world: overview, description, rating The tallest buildings in the world: overview, description, rating