Theater Hedgehogs in Yaroslavl - a real childrens holiday

Theater "Hedgehogs" in Yaroslavl - a real children's holiday

Modern children spend a lot of timecomputer, TV, considering it the best entertainment. Parents should teach their children to cultural rest. The best option in this case is to go to the puppet theater. This is a wonderful holiday and fun entertainment for the younger generation. Here, kids can perfectly and profitably spend their time.

In Yaroslavl there are several theaters thatshow performances for children: puppet, the theater of the young spectator, and also the unusual studio "Hedgehogs". In any of these institutions you can find in the repertoire exactly what will be interesting for your child.

All of them are beautiful in their way, they are original,Each has its own fascinating repertoire, on which professionals work, masters of their craft. The children's playbill of Yaroslavl is very extensive, it has a variety of theaters. The inhabitants of the city, as well as many tourists are already well-known puppet theater called "Hedgehogs", which is always very warm, soulful atmosphere, reminiscent of a real family holiday.

About the creators of the studio

This unusual theater was founded by two well-knowncity ​​of the actor-puppeteer. One of them is the Honored Artist of Russia Yaroslav Uzenyuk, the other is Danil Morozov. These guys are graduates of the Yaroslavl Theater Institute, specializing in "Puppet Theater Artist". Uzenyuk also received a second higher education in the specialty of a director.

They are today laureates anddiplomats of many Russian and international theater festivals. At one time, both Morozov and Uzenyuk were actors in the Yaroslavl Puppet Theater. In 2003, the creative potentials of two talented actors are pooled. They create a kind of entreprising tandem, later called the "Hedgehogs" theater in Yaroslavl.

theater hedgehogs Yaroslavl

At first, the actors played their performances on varioussites and only in 2011 in March they opened their own. So there was an unusual studio of dolls "Hedgehogs". It immediately began to stand out among other theaters in Yaroslavl, primarily with its family warmth and spiritual kindness. In this theater of dolls there are only two actors who once united in one team, and already almost 15 years please viewers with their own ideas. The name of the creative duo appeared due to the well-known cartoon "Hedgehog in the Fog". Today the proprietary logo of the theater-studio is the protagonist of the cartoon.

children's playbill

Repertoire of puppet theater

The founders of the studio consider their theater family,Therefore, the repertoire is oriented, as they say, to children from three years to 99. That is, their performances are not only for kids, but also for adults, for those in whom the child still lives. Theater "Hedgehogs" in Yaroslavl is a place for viewers who are open to the world, who have a bright soul and pure thoughts.

Ya. Uzenyuk and D. Morozov put the plays on different author's plays. In the repertoire of this young theatrical studio, such performances as "Teremok", "Geese-swans", "Whistle all up," "Glade of fairy tales", "How the felt boots warmed the earth," "Ivan da Marya," "Petrushkin history" and many others. The performances of the "Hedgehogs" Theater in Yaroslavl always make one think about even seemingly simple situations. In them necessarily good will conquer evil.

Master classes and other studio services

studio hedgehog dolls

Small viewers and their parents with pleasurevisit the cozy hall of the theater "Hedgehogs", in which not only wonderful performances take place, but also many other interesting events. The best theatrical artists of Yaroslavl spend their master classes here, on which children and parents learn to make puppets and various toys.

Everyone really likes the home atmosphere, whichreigns within these walls. Visitors to the studio are delighted with the master classes and those toys that children make by themselves. With the guests of the studio artists arrange unusual theatrical and literary family evenings, joint tea parties. The atmosphere here is so benevolent, soulful, that every visitor literally feels like a guest of old good friends in a minute.

Puppet performances of the "Hedgehogs" Theater

puppet shows

Two talented artists act outwonderful views, in many of which the audience can participate. Children help to develop the storyline of fairy tales, why the theatrical situation becomes similar to a family family performance. Theater "Hedgehogs" in Yaroslavl shows a very large number of performances. Therefore, on the day off, parents have a great opportunity to lead their children to an interesting puppet show and relax after a week's work.

Children's poster of Yaroslavl

In addition to visiting the theater and puppet theater, the repertoireevents for children is perfectly complemented by the work of the studio "Hedgehogs". Here you can not only see the play, but also take part in a children's festival or visit the tour around the studio. Regular family performances in the theater are held on weekends, and the museum, where toy hedgehogs are collected, can be visited on any day. Studio-theater "Hedgehogs" also provides services for organizing birthdays and other celebrations for children of different ages.

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  • Theater Hedgehogs in Yaroslavl - a real childrens holiday Theater Hedgehogs in Yaroslavl - a real childrens holiday Theater Hedgehogs in Yaroslavl - a real childrens holiday Theater Hedgehogs in Yaroslavl - a real childrens holiday Theater Hedgehogs in Yaroslavl - a real childrens holiday Theater Hedgehogs in Yaroslavl - a real childrens holiday Theater Hedgehogs in Yaroslavl - a real childrens holiday Theater Hedgehogs in Yaroslavl - a real childrens holiday Theater Hedgehogs in Yaroslavl - a real childrens holiday Theater Hedgehogs in Yaroslavl - a real childrens holiday