Tips for beginners: how to crop videos

Tips for beginners: how to crop videos

How to crop video is the subject of today's review. If you answer this question in one sentence, it will look like this: the video can be cut in any video editor. But, unfortunately, this answer will not satisfy 90% of the readers of the article. Hence, we will go the other, more right way. Let's start again, then, moving from simple to complex, we will consider the components of the process.
Any video material that is stored in digitalcan be changed (edited). To do this, there are specialized programs with which you can perform a number of manipulations with the video, including cutting out "extra" fragments, dividing the film into several parts or, if necessary, gluing several parts into one film.
Overview of all software that can runpruning video is a thankless task. It will take several dozen pages. We will focus only on a few options that are available to almost any user, consider what, where and how we can apply.
Option 1. Windows Movie Maker - a program that is on every computer with Windows on board. For those who are far from video editing this program will allow you to learn the basics. Its free, Russian interface and the availability of tips give an opportunity to try yourself "in business." How to crop a video in Windows Movie Maker: after importing the information, select the desired fragment and add the selected clip to the timeline. In the right window you will be able to view and split / split it into several parts. Unnecessary can be removed. The finished material can be saved to hard or burned to a CD.
This program will make the first visualthe idea of ​​the main stages, learn the basics, and if in the process you do not lose interest - in the future go to more complex programs for editing and editing.
Option 2. Virtually every computer has a program for burning CDs called Nero. This is a whole complex of applications for viewing, processing and recording of digital content. Among all this diversity for our purposes we will need Nero Vision. This application is able to fully mount video fragments in a finished DVD disc.
Fragments, titles, disc menu, possibilityoverlay video effects, all this can be done in just a few hours. Among other things, Nero Vision knows how to trim a video, and it does it easily and without hesitation. You can save the finished material to the HDD or use Nero Express / Nero Burning ROM to burn it to a CD. All this can be done without leaving the Nero program.
Option 3. For more advanced users, there is a whole arsenal of editors with a full set of editing functions. If you consider yourself ready for serious work - you can pay attention to Pinnacle Studio, Corel Video Studio, Sony Vegas ... or immediately Adobe Premiere.
After acquaintance with such monsters, the question "how to cut video" will disappear, like the tail of a person in the process of evolution.
For installation and comfortable viewing of the finishedyou may need a video file converter. This good is now a cart and a little cart. You can literally drown in one list of software titles for conversion. What you can pay attention to:

1. Very qualitatively compresses DVD to AVI program Auto Gordian Knot (AutoGK). Many generations of users with gratitude remember this hard worker. Simple interface, minimum settings, maximum quality and pleasure.
2. Of the free of charge, it showed itself well in the work of Format Factory. It is a multi-format harvester that supports most of the major media formats. Omnivorous, smart, with the ability to manually specify the parameters of the final file. Russian locale in combination with free and very worthy functionality makes it attractive enough for a large number of users.
3. Bukovoedam-technicians certainly will have to taste a converter with a loud name SUPER. From the number of settings and additional options, the spirit captures. All possible formats with parameters that you can make ideal, plus the ability to extract audio or video from the file, the ability to superimpose your audio on the selected video, plus the ability to combine several files into one - all at maximum speed and for free.

And if after all you are still interested in the question "howcrop video "- pay attention to Boilsoft Video Splitter. This is a slicing program, specially designed only for this. Fast, simple and very convenient. If you need to "glue" an unlimited number of videos into one whole file - at your service Boilsoft Video Joiner. Dare. Now for creativity you have everything.

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  • Tips for beginners: how to crop videos Tips for beginners: how to crop videos Tips for beginners: how to crop videos Tips for beginners: how to crop videos Tips for beginners: how to crop videos Tips for beginners: how to crop videos Tips for beginners: how to crop videos Tips for beginners: how to crop videos Tips for beginners: how to crop videos Tips for beginners: how to crop videos