Top 10 historical films of all time

Anastasia Sergeeva

Top 10 historical films of all time

Many different historical films have already been shot in the world. Among them you can find a film about the Middle Ages, a film about gladiators, and a film about the period of the industrial revolution, about the events of the Napoleonic wars and about the wars of the 20th century - it is easy to get confused in this variety. To simplify your task in choosing a good movie, we have compiled TOP-10 historical films that can be considered among the best in their genre.

Ben-Hur (1959)

Favorite themes of many fans of historical cinema are films about the Romans and the ancient Greeks. These parameters correspond to the tape in the genre of peplum, which affects the period of expansion of the Roman Empire.

Know the Roman Empire

Judah Ben-Hur refuses to help his long-time friend, who received a high position in Jerusalem for aiding the Roman legionnaires. For this, Ben-Hur is sent as a slave to galleys, however, by coincidence, he manages to escape and even become a lawful Roman citizen. Now he has the opportunity to avenge his family and his people.

At one time, Ben-Hur collected as many as eleven Oscar awards, including an award for Best Film.

Eagle of the Ninth Legion (2010)

If you want to see an authentic historical film about gladiators, then pay attention to this film.

Centurion Marc Aquila

A centurion named Mark Aquilla, after arriving in the British Isles, becomes aware that his father is accused of missing the Eagle Sign. Wishing to restore the reputation of his father and return the lost symbol denoting the famous Ninth Legion, Mark goes in search of Scotland, along with a slave named Esca, who thanks to Mark escaped death in gladiatorial battles. But there are many dangers ahead of them.

Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

“The kingdom of heaven” is an adventure epic from the Middle Ages about the simple French blacksmith Beliana involved in a long-term war. He has to serve the king in a completely foreign country and become a knight who is destined to protect the people of Jerusalem from invaders. The film covers the military events in Jerusalem of the XII century, which occurred before the Third Crusade.

Knights on horseback

Although in the Kingdom of Heaven, as in all artistic historical films, there are certain historical inaccuracies, the atmosphere of the medieval period is conveyed very well. Conflicting characters and large-scale war scenes also do not leave the viewer indifferent to what is happening on the screen.

The Last Emperor (1987)

The basis of this historical film, which received nine Oscars, was the life story of the last Chinese emperor, Aixingioro Pu Yi, who was destined to rule for many years if global changes had not occurred in the world. A sad fate, a mangled life of a man who has become a pawn in the hands of politicians, is opening before us.

The Emperor as a Child

Many viewers recognize this film as a real masterpiece for being close to reality, an excellent director of the Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci and an excellent acting game.

Gladiator (2000)

The Roman commander Maximus faithfully serves his emperor and subsequently does not want to submit to the mean imperial son Commodus, who strangled his own father in order to take power into his own hands. By order of Commodus, the Maximus family is brutally murdered, and the commander, by chance, falls into slavery.He is sold as a gladiator to one of the provinces of the Roman Empire, and when the Commodus begins collecting gladiators from different parts of his lands in the Coliseum, Maximus decides not to miss the chance and take revenge on his hated enemy.

Emperor Commodus and Maximus

This film about gladiators still remains one of the best in its subject. At the Academy Award in 2001, "Gladiator" was recognized as the "Best Film", and the leading actor Russell Crowe - "Best Actor."

War and Peace (1965-1967)

A brilliant attempt to film the famous work of the same name by Leo Tolstoy, depicting the life of Russian noble society against the background of the wars of 1805 and 1812.

Kuragin and Natasha Rostov

This historic four-part film has been filmed for six years. And although it is almost impossible to find the full content of the novel in no film adaptation, director Sergey Bondarchuk did his best to convey to the audience the atmosphere of that time, without missing anything important for the development of the plot. The movie “War and Peace” also became Oscar-winning: the film was recognized as the best film in a foreign language in 1969.

Brest Fortress (2010)

Modern Russian cinema can be justly proud of such a historical film.The plot refers the audience in 1941, to the beginning of World War II. It is dedicated to the famous defense of the Brest Fortress, which was one of the first to stand in the way of the German fascist troops.

Military battle

The filmmakers made a special emphasis on the historical accuracy of this tape and the accuracy of the events reproduced on the screen: they even consulted with a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, in reality defending the Brest Fortress. And the filming of the film itself was prepared for more than two years.

Braveheart (1995)

The protagonist Wallace wanted to live a long and peaceful life with his beloved Marron, raise children and keep house. He is secretly married to Marron, but soon she is killed by the sheriff. Wanting revenge, Wallace cracks down on the sheriff and fights with the soldiers. The local population supports Wallace. In the village, unrest breaks out, which under the leadership of Wallace escalate into a large-scale uprising of the Scots against the English king.

Wallace and the uprising

The director of "Braveheart" was made by Mel Gibson, who also performed the role of Wallace. His efforts did not go unnoticed - the film became Oscar-winning.

Rescue Private Ryan (1998)

Not to mention in our top 10 historical films five-time Oscar-winning historical film by Steven Spielberg. The film tells about the events of the Second World War: the plot is based on the so-called “last-survivor policy,” according to which members of one family were divided into different military units. And the one who remained the last survivor among them, was freed from military service and delivered home.

Squad of John Miller

The captain by the name of John Miller and his squad, who are entrusted to find some private Ryan, who had already lost three brothers in the war, deal with this in the film. But Miller’s squad still does not know what deprivations they will have to go through in order to fulfill their noble mission.

Schindler's List (1993)

The film touches the history of the Holocaust and tells about a certain Oscar Shindler - a successful and influential German businessman who, during the creation of the Jewish ghettos, takes part of the Jews to his factory. At first, seeing them as cheap labor, Schindler soon became aware of the Jews. He can no longer turn a blind eye to the terror of the SS and is trying to save at least his workers from cruel extermination.

Oscar Schindler

There are still discussions around this film: many accuse Steven Spielberg of misrepresenting the great tragedy of World War II and the controversial metamorphosis of the protagonist, but the number of skeptics is much smaller than those who loved this movie with all their heart, and he received seven Oscars not in vain. In any case, it will not leave anyone indifferent.

We hope that our TOP-10 came in handy - now you can go looking for movie sites and ensure yourself a pleasant evening watching a good movie.

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  • Top 10 historical films of all time

    Top 10 historical films of all time

    Top 10 historical films of all time

    Top 10 historical films of all time

    Top 10 historical films of all time

    Top 10 historical films of all time

    Top 10 historical films of all time

    Top 10 historical films of all time

    Top 10 historical films of all time

    Top 10 historical films of all time

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