Top 8 of the most beautiful actors in the world

Top 8 of the most beautiful actors in the world

Handsome country hollywood

They always watched us from movie screens: Hollywood actors are the most sought-after and famous. Only they manage to stir up women's hearts, enchant with mysterious magnetism and fall in love with themselves at first sight. Who are these conquerors?

Johnny Depp

Johnny DeppAt 49, he still remains a sex symbol and style icon for a million women. In real life and the frames of the modern cinema, he continues to conquer unconditional taste and unsurpassed grace. He has 60 roles.

Glory and recognition could not turn his head. Johnny has always been a model father and husband, but a divorce has shaken his role. Today his heart is open for new acquaintances and adventures on the love front.

Johnny is an extraordinary person. German and Irish blood as well as Indian blood flows in his veins. Despite the fact that he is not interested in art, among the wall paintings of the actor there are several works created by the famous serial killer John Wayne Gacy or the killer clown.

Surname Johnny in German means "stupid" or "idiot".On this subject, the owner often releases sharp jokes.
However, from an early age he had to endure the bullying of peers who called him Johnny Dipp (translated from English, “dippy” means touched), and also suffer from allergies to chocolate.

Johnny's body is covered with over thirty tattoos. Among them there is a tattoo with the image of the son of Jack. A reminder of her daughter Lily-Rose is a bracelet made from her beads, which her father, without removing, wears on her hand.

Johnny DeppIn 16 years, Johnny left his home. It was an act of protest against the divorce of parents, as well as constant travel and difficult family relationships. For 15 years, little Depp managed to change more than 20 places of residence. His mother really liked the changes and new impressions.

The first work over a long life span was the trade in ball pens on the phone.

During his life he did not have time to finish school. What never regretted.
According to the actor, not a single educational institution, including a higher one, is able to give its students the experience that life itself has provided for it. He believes that it is foolish to give school years if you do not know what exactly you will be doing in life.

Jason statham

StathamWhen the most beautiful actors of the world are wanted, and even men, it is impossible not to recall Jason Statham, the favorite performer of Sylvester Stallone. His path to the cinema lay through the swimming pools, the football field and ... the modeling business, but first things first.

Stethem worked as a model and starred in commercials for a variety of companies. Once to work on a painting"Cards, money, two trunks"Guy Ritchie picked up the actors. The owner of the advertising firm was closely acquainted with the director and proposed the candidacy of a guy. He was given an interesting casting. Richie suggested that James enter the image of a street vendor and sell him a fake jewel. The guy managed to "turn the good deal," but when Guy decided to return the "goods sold" to him, Stethem refused to take him back with an imperturbable face. The role in the film - it turned out.

Homeland actor is good old England. The future movie star was born in London, or rather in the suburb of Sindengem. He was the second son of a dancer and a famous singer. Concurrently gymnast and boxer. The older brother was also a martial artist and often used Jason as a punching bag.

Currently, the actor is a specialist in kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Jason stathamIn his youth, Statham put all his strength into jumping into water and football. Since swimming took a lot of time, football became a hobby. In 1988, he even managed to take the 12th place at the Olympics in Seoul. However, everything is in the past, except for acting. Jason is not the richest actor. His fees are no more than $ 3 million for the film.

However, the remuneration suits him, but he does not claim the Oscar. Statham is loved for charisma and roles that carry the viewer into the dark world of action movies.

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprioIt seems that the actors of Hollywood are the most beautiful men in the world. And there is a lot of truth in this when the conversation concerns Leonardo DiCaprio. Already his first story is connected with his name.

One day, his mother wanted to visit an art gallery. Among the many expositions, she decided to choose the name of her future son and for some reason stopped just outside the picture created by the famous Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci. Her heart is incredibly pounding, and with it the beats of little Leonardo’s feet are becoming more frequent. The name has been selected.

Film"Titanic"where he played the main role, won billions of hearts with an unsurpassed play, sensual kind, soulful voice. In the blink of an eye, an unknown guy became the most desirable man on the entire planet.

DiCaprio with momDiCaprio appeared on television at the age of two, when his father once brought him to the shooting of a popular children's television show. Life in front of the camera completely changed him, and without his spotlights he no longer imagined it.

The actor considers his best friend only his mother. He argues that this is the only woman in his life, which can give expensive jewelry with diamonds. Before offering a relationship to the beloved, he must introduce her to her mother, who will give the girl a detailed description.

DiCaprio was born into a hippie family, and his whole life was spent in the most dangerous quarter of Los Angeles. However, he did not become a bandit and did not lose his sense of humor. In his veins flows: Russian, German and Italian blood.

George Clooney

George ClooneyIn Hollywood, all the actors shine with beauty, but there are the most beautiful men, including those on a world scale. The most recognizable remains George Clooney, a native of the Catholic Irish family.His father worked as a TV presenter, and his mother - played the role of housewife.

From an early age, the boy spent all his free time surrounded by stellar personalities.

In high school, due to a hereditary disease, Bell's paralysis, part of his face was paralyzed. The family was forced to move, unable to bear peer mockery of his son. A year later, George's health recovered, and he continued his studies.

Parents were rather hostile to his choice of acting path. They refused to support him not only morally, but also financially.
Therefore, on a trip to Hollywood, he earned his own. For this, he worked in three jobs. The most exhausting was - in the night port.

Today he is not only one of the most popular and beautiful actors, but also the director of many big-budget films and an irreparable heartthrob.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester StalloneNot all actors in the world with a good track record can compete with Sly's performance and charisma. His latest roles go far beyond the action movie and are filled with feelings, romance and sorrow.

Talk about him a lot do not have to. This is a very bright person who will not be overshadowed by centuries.Born a future actor in New York in a very strange family. His mother was an aristocratic, socialite, who belonged to the cream of society, and his father was an ordinary brutal hairdresser. If mother was born in the family of a famous lawyer in Washington and played the biggest roles in the theater, then her father was known to be an incorrigible womanizer all over the district who did not control himself in gusts of rage.

In Slay, his famous “wry smile” attracts the most. It is the result of a birth injury.
During childbirth, the obstetrician touched the forceps of the facial nerve, which caused this skew, lowered corner of the eyelids and partially paralyzed tongue.

Before the actor's fame came to him, he lived in New York, and earned a living in various ways: he cleaned the cages for the lions, cut off the heads of the fish in the port. His childhood years were spent in deep hooliganism, with which he responded to the constant mockery of his peers because of his appearance and speech defect.

Unfamiliar bollywood

Hrithik RoshanDo not think that the most beautiful actors in the world live only in the United States. A lot of handsome men showed the Indian film industry to the world. On this topic, you can talk endlessly long, but in short everything may look that way.

Hrithik Roshan

In the film industry from an early age. Today he is 36 years old and he is still very young and full of energy. He is married and has two children. The uniqueness of this actor is that he has six fingers on his right hand, but the beauty has not suffered from this.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh KhanRukh Khan was born into a family of lawyers. In addition to acting, he quite seriously thought about the career of a TV presenter. He is also married and has three children. He has more than 100 films. Among them, all the works are bright and deserve attention, and his characters can claim to be the best men in the world.

John abraham

Born in a very unusual family of the city of Mumbai. His father professed Catholicism, and his mother was a true Iranian. Today the real name of this actor is Farhan. He did not immediately hit the Indian film industry, starting his career with modeling. Nevertheless, Farhan has already managed to play in 47 paintings of different genre colors.

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