Town planning plan of the land plot (GPRS) - what is it and how to get it

Town planning plan of the land plot (GPRS) - what is it and how to get it?

What is GPRS and what is its role in the process of carrying out work related to capital construction or reconstruction of construction sites, many know. Particularly familiar with this issue are those who manufacture the construction of housing, including for plan of the land plot


Town-planning plan of the land plot, the sample of which is designed in accordance with the requirements established by law, is a set of documents that are associated with the planning of a particular territory. The development of documentation is carried out in allotments that have a special purpose. In particular, they belong to the category of allotments intended for the erection or reconstruction of the existing capital construction objects. According to its functional purpose, the town-planning plan of the land parcel refers to the type of information documents. Such documentation contains building characteristics and existing restrictions relating to the site intended for construction.

The legislative framework

To order the work with documents and their distribution in accordance with the information functions performed by the Code of the Russian Federation adopted in the 2004 year of the Federal Law No. 190, a definition was introduced. According to the Code, the town-planning plan of the land plot is a document in the form of an extract. It contains information about a specific allotment. Sources for creating a statement are the Rules for the construction and use of land, planning and land surveying projects. This document specifies information that characterizes a specific allotment, indicates existing building restrictions and allows identifying it in reality conditions on the basis of physical indicators. The town-planning plan of the land plot is a document that does not provide the property right and does not define any rights and obligations. It only accumulates information and ensures its repeated use for a long time by various users.what is msu

Intended use

The tasks of this act are quite diverse. In particular, it is the basis for the development of project documents for existing capital construction projects, as well as facilities that need reconstruction. The city planning plan of the site is listed in the list of securities required to obtain permits for the erection of the building and its commissioning (excluding housing projects not commissioned before 31.12.2014).receive

Town-planning plan of the land. Document structure

The town planning plan, a sample of which was approved by the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, is formalized on a special form. A corresponding instruction has been developed for the document, which provides explanations for filling out all of its lines. The structure contains items that contain information:

  1. About all existing boundaries of this piece of land.
  2. On the available zones of public easements.
  3. About the size of the minimum indentation of existing boundaries throughout the land. Such parameters are indicated for the purpose of determining the territory available for the construction of objects (houses, structures, auxiliary premises).
  4. On the regulations of the city (this paragraph indicates when the site is included in the list of territories to which the city regulations apply). Here you can find a list of all possible target uses of the given territory. Categories are listed in town planning regulations. The only exception is the allotments that are provided to meet the needs of the state or municipal planning plan sample
  5. On the purpose of the land, the requirements for the parameters, location and designation of construction sites in this area. At the same time, the allotment should not be included in the zone of validity of the regulations.
  6. On the objects of cultural heritage and capital construction located within this plot of land.
  7. On technical conditions, that is, information on existing (planned) connections of facilities to engineering support (telecommunications, energy supply, gas supply). In this case, the distance from which the site is located is from
    technical and technical planning plot
  8. On the boundaries of zones for the capital construction of objects of municipal or state needs.
  9. On the availability of the possibility of the distribution of a given land plot for a few smaller or nonexistent.


Part of the GPZU is the town planning regulations. It is a publicly approved standards that establish the intended purpose of the allotment and the main parameters of the real estate objects that will be located on it. Regulations of the territory are necessary for conducting state expertise, obtaining permission for construction work and obtaining an act of commissioning a real estate receive the town-planning plan of the land plot

Development of an EPROM

You can get the document in two forms. This can be a separate paper or an element of the land survey project. Its issuance is carried out by the authorized body on the basis of the application of the owner of the land plot, temporary user or interested person. When issuing an authorized body must take from the applicant only a document that will allow him to identify. Disclosure of information on the purpose of demanding a plan or its indication in any documents by law is not provided.

Issuance of documentation by municipal authorities

A natural or legal person can apply with appropriate application for obtaining a town-planning plan of a land plot to municipal self-government bodies. However, the procedure for holding public hearings is not required. On the basis of the submitted application, the local authority starts to prepare the document, approves it and, within a period not exceeding thirty days, issues it to the applicant. At the same time, it is possible to get a town-planning plan for a land plot free of charge, since the payment for the procedure is not established by law.

Issuance of the document by other authorities

In order for the owner of a particular allotment to be able to obtain a GPRS, he must apply with the statutory list of documents to the competent committee. What is included in the list of securities? The list includes documentation that relates to the category of title documents. You must also provide an extract from the cadastre for the allotment. If there are on-site capital construction facilities, it is necessary to attach documents that confirm the right to property, and their passports issued by the cadastre department. The town-planning plan of the land plot must be coordinated with the legislative regulations. It is in the coordination, as a rule, all the complexity of obtaining a document. This project should be reviewed and approved by the competent commission or its working group.urban development plan of the land plot sample

Why can they refuse to issue a permit?

Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation from 2004-th year (ФЗ №190) provides for situations in which the applicant may be denied permission to build and commission the facility. This, in particular, is a discrepancy between the completed project documentation. In this case, the project may not pass state expertise. At the same time, the relevant commission has the right to write a negative opinion and refuse to issue a building permit. In addition, the town-planning plan for the land plot may not correspond to the created object of capital construction or the reconstruction carried out. Having established the discrepancy, the commission prohibits the commissioning of the facility and refuses to issue a permit.

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  • Town planning plan of the land plot (GPRS) - what is it and how to get it Town planning plan of the land plot (GPRS) - what is it and how to get it Town planning plan of the land plot (GPRS) - what is it and how to get it Town planning plan of the land plot (GPRS) - what is it and how to get it Town planning plan of the land plot (GPRS) - what is it and how to get it Town planning plan of the land plot (GPRS) - what is it and how to get it Town planning plan of the land plot (GPRS) - what is it and how to get it Town planning plan of the land plot (GPRS) - what is it and how to get it Town planning plan of the land plot (GPRS) - what is it and how to get it Town planning plan of the land plot (GPRS) - what is it and how to get it