Toyota Camry Car. Reviews

Toyota Camry Car. Reviews

Toyota Camry car with a volume of threehalf of the liter is represented by the "Premium" version. This model is available in a single package, not providing for the installation of additional options. However, in the premium version of the Toyota Camry (reviews and comments of the designers confirm this) there is everything necessary.

The car interior is made of leather, mounted on aback sofa multifunction remote control. With its help you can control the temperature of the climate system, music. There is also the possibility to turn on the heating of the chair and adjust the inclination of the backrest. All these options can be included in the package and 2.5-liter version. The only exception is the sun blind on the rear window with electric drive and the mechanical curtains on the side windows.

Toyota Car Salon (owner reviews)confirm this) has always been distinguished by its spaciousness. The new 3.5-liter version has become even more spacious than the previous models. Some space saving became possible due to changes in the upholstery, a decrease in, in particular, the thickness of the backrests in the front seats and some shifting forward.

Toyota Camry Car Salon (owner reviewsthis is also confirmed) has excellent noise insulation. Particular attention was paid to the designers suppression of aerodynamic noise. In the construction of a multi-layer windscreen, noise insulation film is used. In addition, increased sound protection on the front pillars, worked out and aerodynamics.

For safer reversing maneuveringa standard camera is provided. It should be noted that the panel with the instruments of the Toyota Camry car (the owners' reviews indicate this) externally became less spectacular, but at the same time, it displays more information.

On the rise, a typical engine (3.5 l) produces 277 hp. This allows you to put the car in a row with more "serious" equipment. The engine of the Toyota Camry machine (reviews and comments of specialists point to this) practically did not change. Among the improvements that are present in the unit, it should be noted other rocker arms of valve drives, the use of oil slightly lower viscosity.

While the performance of the engine,installed in the new version, higher, designers managed to reduce fuel consumption by eight percent. So, the savings in urban conditions is about 1.2 liters. However, the dynamics of overclocking decreased somewhat. The new Toyota Camry (reviews of experts indicate this) accelerates up to 100 kilometers from a place in 7.1 seconds. At the same time, the previous model required 6.8 seconds. The change in dynamics is due to the change in the gear ratio of the main transmission pair. Together with this, the engine is assembled in accordance with the Euro-5 environmental standards.

It should, however, be said that in carrying outtest drive to the car Toyota Camry (reviews of experts note this) failed to repeat the time that is declared by the manufacturer. As a result, the front shock absorbers during acceleration from low speed or intensive from the place do not provide the necessary grip of the wheels with the road. In other words, with a sharp addition of gas, the wheels begin to bounce on the asphalt. At a speed of fifty kilometers per hour, the acceleration dynamics and motor thrust are equalized.

The brake system is somewhat incomplete in the model. The brakes in the Toyota Camry car (the owners' testimonials testify to this) are slightly weaker in comparison with the previous models.

Suspension of the new version has become somewhat tougher. The premium model has become more maneuverable, easy to manage.

The car provides a spacious luggage compartment. However, the backs of the seats do not fold at the back.

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