Want to know: Why kiss in a dream

Want to know: "Why kiss in a dream?"

Sleep is one of the most importantphysiological processes in human life, but not completely studied. In occasion of dreams there are many opinions and statements. Some scientists think the dream is a continuation of everyday reality, while others emphasize and focus on the feelings that a person experiences in a dream. Still others compare dreams with books that the organism perceives through a special prism of sensations. The fourth argue that dreams people see on the unconscious level, so they can not tell anything about the future, and in a dream, only the processing of the present and past events occurs.

Nevertheless, in the morning having woken up, many people remember what they dreamed and are looking for the relationship of dreams with the events of real life, referring to this or that dream book.

Let us turn to the most vital, ordinary and oftena common phenomenon - to kiss in a dream. It's no secret that kisses have the most direct connection with youth and love. Yes, of course, two kissing teens on the bench in the park or on the escalator in the metro look romantic. But many men and women in the dawn of the forces also see a dream, where they kiss in a dream, and then all morning wonder what would this dream be? Why in a dream kissing? To joy or chagrin?

The tracts of this dream are many. Sage-interpreters of dreams divide this category into two subspecies: kissing with a stranger or kissing with a loved one. So, in the first case you are waiting for a favorable day with good news and pleasant changes. And in the second case, when you kiss in a dream with your loved one, you are trapped in treacherous betrayal and disappointment in your second half.

If you open the bookmark "Dream Book Kissing With Your Love"", then too, you will not be happy. The meaning of a dream dreams a quick change of life circumstances, separation and parting with the one with whom he was in a dream passionate kiss.

Kissing in a dream man says that hedevotes little time to a beloved woman, and the other half misses caress, care, attention. You need to try to change your daily routine and find time to be affectionate to your loved one.

A dream in which a woman kisses a stranger,can portend a new acquaintance. At first glance, your new chosen one will be strong, courageous, attractive. But having become acquainted with him closer, you will be disappointed, as you will unravel in your hero an ordinary loafer and an opportunist who wants to live at someone else's expense.

If you are in the dream turned out to be an involuntary witness of the scene, when another couple is kissing, then in the near future be very careful and careful. Do not let yourself be dragged into an unpleasant story.

Kissing in a dream with colleagues at work orrelatives means building a bridge of good relations. Kissing in a dream with famous and famous people says that you will succeed in business. To feel the kiss of the person who died, heralds unfulfilled plans and hopes.

Positive valuesleep with a kiss awaits the girls and two friends who have become friends. Girls this dream should bring a long-awaited and soon-to-be marriage. And two enemies - a quick reconciliation and friendship.

In real life, of course, there are always kissesassociated with a sense of love and with the realization of sexual desire. This kiss differs from a friendly kiss. He carries the passion and energy of love from one loving soul to another.

If you wake up in the morning from a dream in which yousomeone has kissed, it speaks about your strong sexual desire for the one you love, and about the impossibility of realizing it. Very often you wake up at the most enchanting place. The reason is all kinds of obstacles and a sense of prohibition. You really want this to happen. But your brain understands that at the moment it's impossible, and you wake up.

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