We start the school year with a prayer for students

Nika Kravchuk

We start the school year with a prayer for students

There is a week left until the end of the summer, parents and children are concerned about the preparation for the school year. It is worth stocking up not only notebooks, but also patience. After all, during the study there will certainly be difficulties. But do not be upset. Prayer for students and faith will help us deal with any “school” problem. And in the churches, before the beginning of the new school year, special prayers are served.

Mom with the children in the temple

In Christianity, there has always been a practice of invoking the grace of the Holy Spirit before the start of teaching. When the child did not succeed, the parents, and indeed the boy or girl, prayed. Today, the Orthodox offer prayers for students to Jesus Christ, the Most Holy Mother of God and the saints of God.

We have specially selected for you texts of appropriate prayers for the students, as well as brief biographical notes on those saints who are supposed to pray for students and students.

Appeal to the Lord

First of all, before starting the training, it is customary to pray to God. A person calls the grace of the Holy Spirit so that the knowledge gained will be for the benefit of him, the Church and society.

Prayer before teaching

O Lord, bestow upon us the grace of Your Holy Spirit, giving meaning and strengthening our spiritual strength, so that, listening to the teachings we are taught, we have increased to You, our Creator, in glory, our parent for consolation, the Church and the fatherland for the benefit.
Most merciful Lord! Send us the grace of your Holy Spirit, which gives comprehension and strengthens our spiritual strength, so that, listening to the teachings with attention, we grow to Thee, our Creator, to the glory, to our parents for consolation, and to the Fatherland.

Prayer before learning

O Lord God and our Creator, in His image we, people, adorned, chosen yours, taught your law, so that those who listen to him are amazed, he revealed the secrets of wisdom to the children of those who seek it, and open their hearts, minds, and the mouth of these servants of yours (names) in order to comprehend the power of your law and successfully learn the useful doctrine taught to them for the glory of your most holy name, for the benefit and dispensation of your holy church and for the understanding of your good and perfect will. Deliver them from all the wiles of the enemy,keep them in the faith of Christ and purity throughout their life, be strong in mind and fulfillment of your commandments, and so taught, glorify your holy name and be heirs of your kingdom, - for you, God, strong in mercy and blessings and strength to you and you all glory, honor, and worship, to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, always, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Among the prayers for students there are thanksgiving after class or for class. He praises thanks the Lord for the knowledge he has received, and also asks for blessings for teachers and parents with the help of whom he has the opportunity to learn new things.

Prayer after teaching

We thank You, the Creator, as if you have honored us with Thy grace, during this time heed the teaching. Bless our superiors, parents and teachers leading us to the knowledge of the good, and give us strength and strength to continue this teaching.
We thank You, Creator, that You have honored us with Your grace in order to understand the teachings. Bless our superiors, parents and teachers, who lead us to the knowledge of good, and give us strength and strength to continue this teaching.

The child does not want to learn

If parents notice that science is difficult for their son or daughter, they can turn to Jesus Christ with the words of the next prayer.

A prayer for a child who is not studying (a poor student)

O Lord Jesus Christ our God, implanted in the hearts of the Twelve Apostles name): and put in the ears of his heart the Holy Scriptures, even your most pure hand on the tablet is drawn to the lawmaker Moses, now and forever and ever and ever. Amen.

Prayers of Our Lady

Believers turn to the Most Holy Theotokos in various difficult situations. Not an exception and problems in school, difficulties with the perception of information. With prayer for students, it is customary to turn to the Mother of God before Her Icon “Adding Mind”.

"Mind addition" icon

Prayer to the Virgin in front of the icon "Adding Mind"

O most holy Virgin! You are the Bride of God the Father and the Mother of the Divine His Son Jesus Christ! You are the Queen of Angels and the salvation of people, the accuser of sinners and the punisher of apostates. Have mercy on us, who have sinfully sinned and have not fulfilled the commandments of God, who have broken the vows of baptism and the vows of monasticism, and many others who have promised to fulfill.When the Holy Spirit departed from King Saul, then fear and despondency attacked him and the darkness of despair and the bleak state of mind tormented him. Now we too, for our sins, have all lost the grace of the Holy Spirit. The mind is fussed with vanity of thoughts, oblivion of God has darkened our souls, and now weed out all kinds of sorrow, grief, sickness, hatred, evil, enmity, revenge, gloating and other sins. And without joy and consolation, we call upon You, the Mother of our God Jesus Christ, let the Son be silent, forgive us all our sins and send the Spirit of Comforter to us, as He sent Him to the apostles, let us be comforted and enlightened by Him, we will sing to You a thankful song : Rejoice, Most Holy Theotokos, who has added mind to our salvation. Amen.

How do saints offer prayers for students?

Both children and parents, whose children find it difficult to study, can pray to their beloved saints and ask for their help. If St. Nicholas or the Matron of Moscow is especially honored in your family, no doubt contact these saints.

But among the Orthodox, you can also find those righteous who, while living themselves, faced a similar problem - science was beyond their power.Among them are often remembered Sergius of Radonezh and John of Kronstadt.

Sergius of Radonezh

There are very few reliable facts from the life of the saint. But the story from the childhood of Sergius of Radonezh gained wide popularity. The boy Bartholomew was the name of the future reverend in the world, his studies were very hard.

He could not even read the Scriptures without error. And at that time, it was the fourteenth century, they were learning from the liturgical books. Therefore, the child with all the childish simplicity asked God to help him. Once an angel in the form of a monk appeared to Bartholomew. The stranger said that the boy will not only learn to read, but will also become one of the most educated children in the family and environment. The words of the monk came true almost immediately. On the same day, Bartholomew read without error and with understanding.

The vision of the youth Bartholomew

You can find testimonies of students and students whom Rev. Sergius helped before the test or exam. But they did not just read the prayer for the students, but with all their hearts they asked the saint. We offer you the text of the prayer to Sergius of Radonezh. Many students read it before the exam.

Prayer (before the exam) to St. Sergius of Radonezh

About the Reverend and God-bearing Father, our Sergiy! Look upon us graciously, and to the land of the devotees, raise to the height of heaven. Strengthen our weak-mindedness and strengthen us in the faith, but certainly we hope to receive all that is good from the grace of the Lord God through your prayers. By asking your gift to disassemble science and all of us with the help of your prayers, on the Day of Judgment you can save the shuya part; from the addition of the world.

John of Kronstadt

The future saint was born into a poor peasant family in 1829. But the parents were ready to give the last funds for his son to get an education. When the child was six years old, his father taught him to read and write. But the boy was given it tight, so he prayed fervently. When his father gave him to the Archangel Parish School, John was very hard. After another night of fiery prayer, the boy seemed to open up in his head.

It would not be superfluous to say that John of Kronstadt not only graduated from college, but also then the Arkhangelsk Seminary, and in absentia also the St. Petersburg Theological Academy. His spiritual work, “My life in Christ,” is still very popular among believers in our time.

We have already written about this saint in more detail in the article “Why do they pray to John of Kronstadt during alcoholism?”.

St. John of Kronstadt

There are documented testimonies from people whose prayer for students has been heard. One John Kronstadt helped in the study of foreign languages, the other - in entering the university, the third - in the exam.

Each of us can address this saint in our own words or in a text from the prayer book.

Prayer to John of Kronstadt for tuition assistance

O great saint of Christ, the holy righteous Father John of Kronstadt, a marvelous pastor, speedy helper, and gracious presenter! Raising praise to the Triune God you prayerfully cried out: “Love Your name to you: do not reject me deceiving. Name Your Strength: Make me sick and falling. Name Your Light: enlighten my soul, darkened by everyday passions. My name to you is the World: die for my restless soul. Grace to You: Do not stop pardoning me. ” Now, the All-Russian congregation is praying to Your intercession and praying to you: Christ, the righteous and acceptable of God! Thy love for you, sinners and weaknesses, reward us to bear the worthy fruits of repentance and unconsciously communion of the Holy Mysteries of Christ.By your power of faith in us strengthen, in prayer, support, heal the sickness and sickness, save from the evils, the enemies of the visible and invisible. With the light of your servants and primates of the altar of Christ on the holy exploits of the pastoral work, grant babies the education, instruct their youth, support the old age, see the shrines of the temples and holy monasteries. Die, Wonderful and Providence the most dearly, the people of our country, with grace and the gift of the Holy Spirit deliver from civil strife; gather, deceive, and turn together your Holy and Catholic and Apostolic Church. By the grace of thy matrimony in peace and unity of mind, grant to the monastics in the affairs of good prosperity and blessings grant graciousness to comfort those who suffer from unclean spirits, in mercy and mercy in the needs and circumstances of those who teach us all. In Christ alive, our Father John, bring us to the everlasting light of eternal life, let us be granted eternal bliss with you, praising and exalting God for ever and ever. Amen.

Who else to pray?

In Russia, prayers for students are also offered to the martyr Tatiana Rimskaya, and the day of her memory, February 25, was the second day of the student. Many turn to the already mentioned St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and the Matrona of Moscow.If a child does not study well, then it is customary for parents to pray to St. Theodosius of Chernigov.

St. Theodosius of Chernigov

Theodosius of Chernigov

The saint himself lived in the 17th century, and before the monastic tonsure received a good education - he studied at the Kiev-Bratsk College, among whose teachers were advanced personalities of that time.

When he became the archimandrite of one of the Chernigov monasteries, he took care of the spiritual nourishment of the flock: he opened new and landscaped old churches and monasteries, and also supported theological schools. St. Theodosius himself invited from Kiev the most educated monks to teach. And today, already after 320 years after his repose, this saint is being prayed for by students.

Prayer to Theodosius of Chernigov

O holy chapter, our strong prayer and intercessor, St. Theodosius, hear us, with faith calling upon you and diligently adhering to your race of honest and multipurpose relics (or: your icon). Have mercy on us at the Throne of the Almighty and do not stop praying for us. Vemas, like our sins are separating us between you and us, and unworthy the esma of our father and intercessor. But you, being a follower of the love of mankind of God, do not give up crying for us to the Lord,by your offering, at the All-Merciful God of Our God, peace be upon His Church, upon the land of the militants, by the shepherds, by her power zealously strive for the salvation of the people. Plead Heavenly Father to give us all a gift, which is demanding, true faith, firm hope and love inexhaustible, approval of our graces, peace of peace, salvation from invasion of foreigners, young and infant goodness in faith growth, sick healing, orphans and to widowers, mercy and intercession, misguided rectification, the distressed needy help. Do not disgrace us in our hope, have success, for our father is child-loving, and we must bear the yoke of Christ in complacency and patience, and rule all in peace and repentance, shamelessly end your stomach and the kingdom of God as heir, now you are settled with Angels and all saints glorifying God in the Trinity slavimago, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Euphrosinia of Polotsk

Few people know about another amazing saint who did much to spread education. This is the Rev. Euphrosyne of Polotsk.

Euphrosinia of Polotsk teaches girls

She was the great-great-granddaughter of Prince Vladimir, and at the age of 12, she wanted to take monastic vows. From early childhood, distinguished by a love of knowledge and books.Already as a nun, she devoted much time to spiritual reading and rewriting of theological literature.

By the Providence of God became the founder of the female monastery. She took only books with her to a new place. Equipping the monastery, immediately took up the spiritual education of the sisters. Then she even founded one of the first women's schools in Russia, where all the students studied literacy and crafts.

Therefore, St. Euphrosyne, who devoted so much time to education, should also offer prayer for the students. If she on earth helped everyone to learn, then, being in heaven, would she turn away from our requests?

Prayer of Euphrosyne of Polotsk

Oh Reverend Mother Euphrosyne! Hearing us, praying to you; give us, the servants of God (names), prestige in life more virtuous; Protect our hearts with faith, hope, and love, and the fear of God, give us help in our labors and sorrows, change from all kinds of need and distress, from severe diseases and from accidental death, and bring us true repentance at the outcome of this life; ask us from the Lord God for the demise of peace, painless, indestructible, partake of the Holy Mysteries; and conducted through the ordeal of air.To her, Reverend Euphrosyne, help us with your prayers: protect us and stand up from all sorts of wickedness of enmity, may we receive salvation to receive from Christ the Lord, and we will be honored with the Eternal Father and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.

The importance of prayer and communion for those who study, says priest Maxim Kaskun:

Take it to yourself, tell your friends!
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  • We start the school year with a prayer for students

    We start the school year with a prayer for students

    We start the school year with a prayer for students

    We start the school year with a prayer for students

    We start the school year with a prayer for students

    We start the school year with a prayer for students

    We start the school year with a prayer for students

    We start the school year with a prayer for students

    We start the school year with a prayer for students

    We start the school year with a prayer for students

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