What are the most successful car covers

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What are the most successful car covers?

The salon of any car, and prestigious foreign cars, and modest VAZ, Lanos, Daewoo, should look well-groomed, please the eye of the driver and passengers. Car covers help to achieve this. In this article, you will find an overview of the types of covers, fabrics for them, and requirements for use.

Functions of car covers

Protective: the presence of covers is the best way to protect the car from dirt, dust and wear. Instead of cleaning them, and perhaps dragging, it is wiser to purchase protection. After all, the covers easier to care for.


Decorative:Well-chosen covers decorate the car interior, create a special style, emphasize the taste of the owner.


Comfort:covers are heated, with a massage function, having a special anatomical shape to ensure proper fit. The driver and passengers should be comfortable and pleasant to be in the cabin even for a long time.

Prestige:Yes, it is important for some car owners to emphasize their status.And the covers of expensive natural leather will help to adequately decorate the car interior.


Types of car covers

Covers are of three types:

  • universal - suitable for most models of passenger cars;
  • model - created for a particular brand of car;
  • individual - they are made to order.

Universal Covers
Universal covers for the car to choose and purchase is quite simple, they are available in auto shops and salons most of all. They are designed for cars with a simple configuration of the seats. It is easy to find out whether this option will suit you - read the list of acceptable models on the packaging of the goods.

pros- a variety of colors and materials from which they are made. In addition, universal covers have a wide price range, allowing the owner of the car to choose the appropriate option in their pocket.


Minuses:it is quite difficult to arrange the covers perfectly so that they completely follow the shape of the car seat, tightly fitting.

Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to whether there are Velcro, laces or zipper-suspenders in the set in order to fit the cover to the seat. By the way, it’s difficult for a novice driver to cope with it himself,better to contact the dealership specialists.


One of the varieties of universal models -T-shirt covers.This is such an economy option.


They have standard sizes, are elastic, they can be chosen by the owners of any cars. Such covers cover only part of the car seat. Convenient in the case of trips to rest, fishing, transporting children and pets.

These covers are made of synthetic fabrics. They are easily removed and erased. Short-lived, but inexpensive. It is appropriate to select them as a temporary option to protect the seats.
Model covers

These accessories are created for a specific car model.
Pros:manufacturers take into account the features of the shape of the seats, so they fit perfectly. It means that they will last longer than universal ones.
The model covers have technological cuts for airbags, allowing them to work and unfold unhindered in the event of a traffic accident.
Minuses: a very limited selection of colors and the number of brands of cars for which they produce covers. Owners of rare cars may have problems picking out this type of accessory.
Individual covers
Such things sew to order.They are made according to the measurements from the seats of your car, given the design features.

pros: exclusivity - you are personally offered to choose the texture and color of the material, decor elements: inscriptions, drawings. They have an excellent fit, as they fit specifically for your car seat.


Minus: high price.
How to choose the right covers for the car

First of all, be interested in the functionality of the covers (this quality is important to take into account when choosing a car navigator):

  • they must have airbag cut-outs so that these safety devices open and protect passengers in the event of an accident;
  • Check for incisions under the headrests and armrests. Without them, tightening the seat cover will not work;
  • it is good if there is a soft foam lining - so it is much more comfortable to sit and the driver of the car, and passengers. In addition, this layer absorbs moisture and promotes air circulation;
  • dense edges (made of leather) on the sides of the covers are useful, this will prolong their service life;

  • lateral and lumbar supports will not let your back get tired even in case of a long stay on the road;
  • all sorts of things that may be needed in the cabin, you need to store somewhere.Therefore, choose covers with pockets on the back of the front seats. It is convenient to place magazines, pens, notebooks, napkins, water bottles;
  • well, when the thread covers have a special impregnation to prevent contamination of the seams.

What material is better to choose


There are a lot of material requirements: strength, durability, ease of cleaning, safety, hygiene, attractive appearance.

High-quality covers are made from certified fabrics (tapestry, velor) or eco-leather.


Eco-leather(ecological material, a kind of artificial leather) came to taste of many car owners.


One is durable, strong, elastic, capable of passing air and water vapor, therefore it is odorless, there is no “greenhouse effect”. Resistant to temperature extremes, ultraviolet, hypoallergenic.

Eco-leather covers can be used if you have heated seats.


By the form is not inferior to genuine leather, but much more affordable.
Velours- Another popular material from which sew covers that protect the car seat.

It is pleasant to the touch, prevents slipping, which is quite important being behind the wheel. Velor does not stick to the body in the heat, does not heat up, and in winter it is never too cold.

It looks quite attractive. And the price does not bite at all.

The disadvantages include the need for regular cleaning of dust and animal hair, low wear resistance.


Covers made of artificial velor strongly electrified, causing discomfort.
Alcantara (faux suede)- material is soft, warm, beautiful. More durable than velor, and will last longer. But the cost of such covers is much higher than velor.
Fur- A great option when the cold season comes. The material is soft, comfortable, well warms, does not cool in the cold, does not slip.

Fur covers are treated with materials that give strength. But still, they do not differ in special durability.

Wash them, of course, more difficult, it is better to give to dry cleaning. But it is quite expensive.
Leather- expensive, let's say, status material. It looks solid, even elegant.

Colors can be combined. In the care of such covers are simple - they are easy to clean and wash.

But leather covers are pulled out and wiped out. And if the skin is smooth, then it does not breathe (only perforated skin has this property).


Autofabrics (jacquard and tapestry)- pretty popular materials for the manufacture of covers.

They are eco-friendly, durable, durable, dustproof and water repellent, fireproof.


Making tapestry, apply a stronger thread than in Jacquard.

The color palette of these materials is rather restrained, you can hardly find bright colors.

Autofabric can not be called cheap material.
Care for car covers
Any thing requires proper care. How to keep track of car covers can be found on the packaging of the goods or in the accompanying instructions. Follow the recommendations - and the covers will last you much longer.
It is better to wash the covers from the autofabric by hand or using the delicate mode (without spinning), and in order not to sit down, they are put on the seats a little wet.
Washing is not used if the fabric has a foam layer, otherwise you can ruin the cover.


The skin is cleaned with a damp cloth, sponge, special polishes. The ability to use stain removers is specified in the instructions for a particular skin type.

For eco-leather care as carefully and carefully as for the natural. Periodically apply protective impregnation.


High-quality covers can be optimally entrusted to dry-cleaning, so their complex processing will be carried out.


Tapestry covers are well cleaned with a brush (sponge) and soapy water.


It is not bad to clean the fur in this way: mix one glass of semolina and starch, pour the mixture onto the cover, then knock it out, you can clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

Special cleaning sprays are used without removing the covers from the seats. This removes dirt, dust and various stains.


Where is safer and more profitable to buy a case


One of the selection criteria is the benefit of the purchase, which is quite reasonable, as is the desire to reduce fuel consumption.


Options for the acquisition of car seat covers a few.


The traditional option is a car dealership. In reputable salons and a wide selection, and specialist advice will receive, and will give a guarantee of quality. And most importantly, see for yourself, feel and decide which model is right for you.

Now many people prefer to place orders for goods through online stores. What do virtual sellers promise? Large assortment, free consultation, quick ordering, convenient forms of payment, low prices, delivery.

But in practice it is possible to get not exactly what is promised. Sergey N. ordered covers from the online store. He was promised to take into account the design features of the seats of his car.As a result, I received the usual universal model that requires adjustment and rework.

Victor S. shares his experience - it is better to first look at the covers in the store or on the car market, and only then look in the online store for the model you like, given the price offers. And choose the best.

There is another option - joint purchases. A group of people wanting to buy covers of a certain sample is going on, a bulk order is made. So it turns out much more economical in terms of the price of the accessory.


Which case to choose is up to the car owner. Someone the main criterion will serve as a bargain price, someone will try and take into account the functionality of the model, and the material to choose a beautiful and reliable. We wish you a good choice!

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  • What are the most successful car covers

    What are the most successful car covers

    What are the most successful car covers

    What are the most successful car covers

    What are the most successful car covers

    What are the most successful car covers

    What are the most successful car covers

    What are the most successful car covers

    What are the most successful car covers

    What are the most successful car covers

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