What if I do not want to grow old

What if I do not want to grow old?

What if I do not want to grow old?

  • It's very simple - do not get old. Stay quot; advancedquot; and modern. Do not get boring. Constantly exercise your brains, inventing new tasks for yourself - to learn poems or languages, for example. Monitor your hormone levels and take timely measures, correcting the metabolism. Adopt its changing appearance - well, after all, the acquired wisdom must somehow be read on the face! Engage in sex even more often than you want. And then you will understand that old age, in principle, does not exist - there is you and your life, yours until the very last second!

    A clear example of how to change with age))

    What if I do not want to grow old?
  • We must stay young in the shower. The idea, as already proved, is material, therefore it is necessary every day to say to yourself aloud that you are young and old is not for you! Well, of course, forget about the alcohol-containing (which is used inside for washing the walls of the stomach and raising the mood), smoking, remember that sport is a health that keeps up with the youth of the spirit, and therefore also the external youth, and do not forget it List of healthy foods rich in vitamins and fiber!

  • soon come up with a pill from old age, but unfortunately we will not live to see it, and it will be accessible only to the rich.

  • I began to be afraid of old age, not in the sense of changing outwardly, but in the fact that you will become weak and unnecessary to anyone, after working in the hospital reception room. There were fixed several wards with the social. bunks. And they lived in it, they did not even live, but old people, sick and healthy, lived to their death. Someone surrendered their relatives to this "paradise", someone was identified by the state. bodies, since there is no family. Voobshchem, I have seen enough of them, to nobody necessary, lonely, sick ... That turned in me then !, I could not work there. 95% of the pension was deducted to the hospital, the remaining pennies to the elderly. The attitude of doctors, as an unpaid additional load, you yourself understand: this old lady comes, her head hurts. And her med.sister - tie your head with a kerchief tight and go back to yourself. They no longer see love, no care, no tenderness, no affection! I'm so afraid of old age. And the fact that the wrinkles on his face, and hair with gray hair, is such nonsense! The main thing is that close people are always there.

  • Many people were tormented by this question. Someone has found answers in the sport lifestyle, someone in meditation practices and psychological attitudes. These are normal and good actions to somehow slow down these processes.

    And some people, who are called "strong in this world"; seek an answer to this question in the medical field. Do yourself a transplantation of organs (this requires healthy donors, as everyone understands). Or they undergo a course of rejuvenation - injections with stem cells. A stem cells are taken from abortion material, or umbilical cord, circumcised in the hospital. I have already given these methods of rejuvenation quotes "very high level sacrifices". All methods associated with blood, one way or another are vampire.

    Enough about the horrors.

    You can concentrate on normal methods. Do not drink, do not smoke, think about good, more positive, laughter and sports.

    And I absolutely agree with the answer of Lus, if there is a loving person close to you who understands and shares your views and habits, then the combined energy to cope with old age will be much easier.

    What if I do not want to grow old?
  • All of us eventually grow old and die, this must be taken for granted. You can only slightly delay your old age in a healthy way of life - not to have bad habits, play sports and be less nervous.

  • Man for so many years, how much he feels. Sometimes you look at the elderly person, but in your eyes the youth shines. And the eyes are the mirror of the soul. For an immortal soul, any age is not age. In addition, somewhere deep in the heart, every person has a boy or a girl. Here also it is not necessary to hold them for seven locks. This does not mean that from senility, you need to fall into a go-go childhood, no, you need a golden mean. And the golden mean is youth.

  • If you do not want to grow old, then you need to start to lead a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, start playing sports. Then the old age will come much later.

    Also help cosmetic procedures, masochki all sorts.

    And in general young - that who is young in soul. And even in old age, you can be beautiful!

  • My mother once said this phrase: "I'm young, until I look in the mirror." After 50 years, you need to remove all the mirrors, from them one disorder ".

  • Unfortunately an irreversible process. The body will grow old, as it will not be put in order. Medicine is not at its height except offers for plastic surgery. We must try not to think about it and live as the inner world allows. Enjoy nature and reap its fruits, engage in the education of grandchildren, travel, etc., and in general, simplyjoyously liveand do not pay attention to your age.

  • You know, many people ask this question, but not always there is an answer. Perhaps in the future people will be able to create such a medicine, but it will never work for 100%. Many people say - "Make a face plastic", but I'm thinking - quot; Well, what will it give you? Immortality? Of course not. And why do not we grow old? Old age is the same cycle as the water cycle in nature. If people did not die, then on our planet would be an overabundance of people. There would not be enough resources for life. And what would this all lead to? To the apocalypse!

    Each of us, for himself, can go in for sports. Sport, on the one hand - is the strengthening of muscles, the development of blood circulation, but on the other hand it is the process of disrupting the vital activity of the body. Probably those who are deeply involved in sports, in the old age is experiencing very severe pain, some of which do not lend themselves to treatment by doctors. Each of us has our own choice!

    Personally, I try to say so simply to maintain the form. Morning jogging is very relaxing and significantly increases the flow of energy in the body!

  • old age is only the physical state of the human body, in fact, the older the person, the more he begins to behave like a detective, remember our grandparents. they become resentful to them all are interesting and they often cry over remembering the past. you'll have to get old. but the main thing in the soul we will always feel young and mischievous. as for appearance, this physiology can not be avoided by anyone, except that resort to plastic surgery. if you really do not want to see wrinkles the only way is a plastic surgeon.

  • I'm also tormented by this question. And for my life I made several conclusions, looking at the elderly with a young soul, from which one could take an example. Firstly, the most important thing, however trite it sounds is a good physical form. If you follow a certain regime, go in for sports (without fanaticism), then in 50-60 years you will look 10 years younger - that's for sure, if not more. Of course, food should be taken into account here, but the movement is still more important. And you yourself remember how the older peers look in different ways, one of which has excess weight, and the other has no excess weight. The difference in the face, in all the fat is to blame;), which is additionally delayed not only on the sides, etc., but also on the internal organs, which leads to various diseases, which in turn shorten life. In general, the conclusion: "Movement is life"; The second, no less important point for the preservation of youth, is the presence of a loving quot; you; rights, because loving each other people have a more stable psyche, hence, the nerve cells they have if they die, it is at least compensated by the production of hormones quot; SHEET ". Well, the third important factor for the preservation of youth is a favorite thing, or a hobby, because it stimulates brain activity, which is at least some sort of guarantee that in the fifty-odd quot; you have; the brain will not dry up; you will not return to your five-year-old age. Again, all that is written above will not have any success, if "; your"; the soul will grow old along with your body. All of the above is just my personal quot; guide to action ".

  • Take an example from the Chinese, they do not eat bread at all. Eat more rice.

    And if I answer from myself, here's 23 of the year and I look on 17, I just do not WANT to grow old, I do not want to turn into a grumpy, or serious aunt.

    I live positive, I do not care if I behave like a baby sometimes, grow up and get older. I do not use makeup! I do exercises in the morning and eat oatmeal every day.

    In order not to grow old, it is necessary to take care of your nerves, have fun and not be EVIL.

    Could I give 24 a YEAR?

    while YETmost importantly DO NOT SMOKE AND NOT TO DRINK.(I do not drink and do not smoke)

    What if I do not want to grow old?
  • I have never seen anyone who wants it. But I saw many who, on the question of what death would like to die? answered: "From old age." How to combine this? Contradiction adnah.

    Considering that starting from birth we immediately begin to age and this process proceeds at different rates, but inevitably, there are a lot of options for answering the question: what to do?

    Remembered poetry Bashlacheva: quot; After all, it does not matter what you die from, because where is more important - what was born for.

  • Interest Ask. Many are puzzled by the answer to it. For me, too, this question is already relevant. I think it all depends on the wishes of the person himself, on how long he wants to live. After all, all people put themselves different strips. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle: eat freshly prepared food, do not drink alcohol, do not smoke, walk more in the open air, keep only positive thoughts in my head, do not take offense or offend myself. I also think communication with children brings not only joy, but also prolongs youth, that is, such people do not exactly age. So you can say from my favorite school teacher, who, despite her age, is always in great shape.

  • To rebuild urgently your mind and worldview!

    At any age has its own charm.

  • If you want, you do not want, and aging is the natural course of a person's life. And here the question is in another, what are you ready to do to prolong your youth - physical exercise, proper nutrition and lifestyle, positive thinking, no stress and very, very many other ways.

    Choose yourself

  • What if I do not want to grow old? Use your abilities and abilities to prolong youth to the maximum. Namely, it is necessary to know what prolongs a person's youth, and that it grows old. Extends youth: 1 is the most important and most important thing is the achievement of psychological comfort, and a good, enlightened state of mind. What contribute to any, but such elements that give joy and contentment. Those that cause a dream, and the desire to act animatedly in a desire to realize a dream in reality. Let the dream not come true, but the dream itself and the desire for it should always be. 2 - which contributes to the prolongation of youth - this of course is in an ecological clean zone, surrounded by nature, where the air is clean and fresh, and the water does not contain harmful chemical primes and elevated levels of radiation. 3 is to lead a healthy lifestyle. What does this mean, which means that it would be a full-time dream, exercise is not tedious, but work, the work that you do is desirable and not exhausting. Food included in the total diet intake, which would have been purchased from vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries, juices, nuts, honey, groats and dairy products over meat and fatty foods, amounted to approximately 70 percent of meat. All this is in favor. But the fact that an old man is aging is primarily his nerves, when a person is nervous on duty, as well as strong feelings, anxiety and fear, depression, a frequent feeling of hatred and anger. Drug use, through regular and frequent use of alcohol, prolonged and frequent lack of sleep, exhausting work, polluted ecology, severe or frequent illnesses. all this is physiologically aging a person, and is reflected in his appearance.

  • Get a child, the birth of children gives a charge of youth, positive emotions, love. Looking at him so small and defenseless, you will want to live a long time, protect and protect him, be close. And thoughts and desires sometimes materialize. So you regardless of your age will be a young dad. Tested on myself. My husband of our baby calls "my vitamin".

  • From this you can not escape. Maybe only if they come up with something in the future ...

  • Do not grow old, of course, it does not work out, but as we know, with the help of some habits, it is possible to extend your youth substantially.

    Playing sports, a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, healthy sleep and optimism are certainly able to prolong the youth of every person.

  • I really do not want to, I know myself. I realized that the process is irreversible, just need to try to delay it as far as possible.

    I, when I started to notice the first signs, took myself in hand, drove away laziness and began to deal with myself, as I did not do in my youth.

    First, I broke up with my worst smoking habit. Second, I started to go in for sports, went to the gym, sometimes to the pool.

    And, of course, I do not forget about my face, hair and hands.

    Honestly, now I like myself more than 10let ago.

  • The main thing, of course, is not getting old. If in the shower you feel young, then so it is! And to support the youth of your body, you need to of course lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right, play sports, give up harmful habits - alcohol, smoking. Still it seems to me, it is very important to have some business, an occupation in life that you would like.

  • Make a face plastic. Pull the skin on the coccyx.

    In general, I would have your problems. So you do not want to die. Only here in BV do not prompt as ...

  • Vs is simple: do not want to grow old - not old. Now there are many different methods from rhinoplasty and diets to cosmetic operations. Plus fitness, sports (moderate). Work on the ground is particularly beneficial. Look at the Madonna, in its 55 years looks chic. Here with whom we must take an example.

  • Growing is not averse! Vseravno once there will be the first wrinkles ... But this is all outward manifestations of old age. After all, in the soul you can be young! You can run around in the morning, travel the world, fool, but you must do it all with your old woman))) So enjoy every day you live and live, the most important thing is worthy!

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