What is better to do after school: study or work

What is better to do after school: study or work?

Many questions arise in young people and theirparents: study or work? Which option is better? This is what we will talk about in this article. It is important for us to understand that at the moment it is more profitable. Unfortunately, almost every day the situation not only in the country, but in the world is changing: doctors were in demand yesterday, today - lawyers, and tomorrow, perhaps, none of them will be needed.

learn or workFor each person it is important not to remain without a piece of bread. Let's consider the possible options to avoid risks for the younger generation: schoolchildren, college students, graduates of both institutions.

Getting ready in advance

If you are still in school, a class, for example, the seventh-eighth, then decide what you are interested in. Let's say:

  • well draw pictures and logos in "Photoshop";
  • know how to bake not only tasty, but also beautiful cakes;
  • write poems or books;
  • draw pictures, come up with patterns for cross-stitching;
  • doing music and so on.learn or work choice

Enumerate it is possible indefinitely. Even a young photographer can become a professional if desired. Think about what you are interested in, choose literature, go to exhibitions, communicate with professionals and learn in your spare time skills. Most likely, your talent will come in handy in the future. For example, a married young woman will go to the decree or she will be fired from her job. And you need to feed the family, pay for housing and food. Most likely, only the experience accumulated in school or college years will save. In times of crisis, the question does not arise: whether to study or work after school? Now let's explain why this is so.

Apply our talent

Now the crisis is almost everywhere. Unfortunately, large enterprises are closed in Russia, specialists are being cut. People are used to work at the enterprise and receive a salary from the employer. But there may be a period when a person is dismissed for any reason and he gets complete freedom. A new job can not be worth the chances, especially if a person does not know anything else, there is no experience.study or work after school

So the good and the forgotten old will come to the rescue -talent, school workmanship. For example, you beautifully painted pictures, portraits. Try to start over. Despite the fact that writers, artists and poets earn very little, you can still try. For example, not only draw portraits in the park, but also print calendars with the author's image.

Everything depends on you, the choice is yours and you must decide whether to study or work. In 20 years you can become famous and get rich. But remember: first of all - hard work and self-promotion.

Should I go to college?

If there is knowledge, means, then, of course, gostudy. Choose a specialty to your liking. You can simultaneously learn something new. For example, you study for an economist, study mathematics, foreign languages.learn or work what to chooseYou can easily learn English. Continue to study it seriously or learn in parallel an additional language. Competent translators earn well, you can cooperate with foreign organizations. You can learn or work, or you can do both. Now freelance is well developed. Find a permanent customer will not be difficult, but you need to look honest. It is recommended to take an advance payment.

No work experience

Many students earn extra money at McDonald's,couriers, porters at night. Such work will bring profit, but to develop talent, skills, most likely, will not help. It is better to seek creative work. But if you do not take it anywhere, it's better to learn at home in your spare time. For example, one studio for photomontage requires professionals, but you have no experience with raster image, you do not know how to make special effects, but there is a desire to learn it. It is commendable. Do homework, relax, and, instead of watching movies, playing games, learn "Photoshop" at the professional level. In everything you need patience and perseverance.

From scratch

Now let's look at an example. You are in school. Do you like computer science. Start in-depth study of programming languages. Look: many customers are looking for performers who understand the C ++ language, others need ready turnkey sites. Choose a direction to your liking. After all, the created world of the Internet is held by developers of different directions: web designers, programmers, copywriters, etc. What would you like to do: beautifully design a website or write texts? Decide for yourself what you better understand, and begin to study this area.

Before those young people who have learned to mastery, learn or work in school years, the choice is not worth it. Why? Because they can now start earning their favorite business.

If I can not do anything?

After the ninth grade, you can go almostany college. Sometimes the choice of specialties is much greater in vocational schools and colleges than in institutes. For example, you can become an excellent cook-confectioner after 3 years of training, while at the same time a full-time student at the institute studies boring items related to the food industry.what is better to do to study or work

Now imagine these two students. What will happen to the first? He will work: bake cakes, make wonderful dishes. He has experience working in restaurants or pizzerias, at a confectionery factory. A specialist with a higher education risks being left without a profession, since there is no experience. And what is better to do: study or work in such a case? Of course, work hard. By the way, if there is a desire to get a higher education, but you can not quit your job, there is always a chance to study in absentia or remotely.

Do I need a higher education?

After reading a couple of subheadings above, for suremany of you will think: then why higher education, if it can not be needed? But it is worth noting that not everything is so simple. Until the 2000s, people with higher education were not so many. It was possible to go to work anywhere almost, most importantly, to have knowledge, experience, diligence.study or work in 20 years

Unfortunately, the modern sphere of labor toughensrequirements. For example, on the railway and in the subway, it is increasingly increasingly being employed with higher education, even for low posts. Suddenly, in 10 years all locksmiths and technicians will be forced to receive a higher profile education or will they be asked to leave at their own volition? To my great regret, in the sphere of railway transport, all this is happening. Therefore, even if you are dreaming of becoming an assistant to a diesel locomotive driver, do not think for a long time, study or work for you, it is better to get ready for the entrance exams at the university.

Wishes instead of concluding

Be sure to choose a specialty to your liking,to do things you love, to be useful. After all, your profession is for life. At present, many people do not work in their specialty. Why? Because do not take to work without experience or do not like the profession.

So as not to waste time in the future, goodthink: to study or work? What to choose? Consult with those older than you by 6-10 years, because these people were educated 1-5 years ago, have an idea of ​​what the situation is in the modern labor sphere.

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  • What is better to do after school: study or work What is better to do after school: study or work What is better to do after school: study or work What is better to do after school: study or work What is better to do after school: study or work What is better to do after school: study or work What is better to do after school: study or work What is better to do after school: study or work What is better to do after school: study or work What is better to do after school: study or work