What is imputed income

What is imputed income?

Taxation in the form of UTII is a special taxation regime for certain types of activities. The formation of these taxes, their calculation and the procedure for payment are regulated by the Tax Code (Chapter 26.3).

The tax on such income is local. The base for calculating it is the amount of imputed income.

Calculate the imputed income can be as a productthe received base profitableness on any kind of activity for the certain period (the tax period) and the established value of an indicator of a kind of activity.

It should be remembered that the base yield may decrease or, accordingly, increase by certain coefficients K1 and K2.

To find out the value that the imputedincome, the calculation can be made independently by the formula: Tax Base = Base Yield × K1 × K2 × (the sum of FP1,2,3). K1 - coefficient-deflator, 2 - correction factor, FP1,2, 3 - physical indicators in each month of the quarter.

Under the basic profitability it is necessary to understand the conditionalThe income for the month that is set for each specific type of activity. Such income is equal to the unit of the main physical indicator of this type of activity. The physical indicator corresponds to the type of activity of entrepreneurs. See the values ​​of all indicators can be in the NC (p.3-346,29).

The base profitability is corrected (raised or lowered) taking into account the coefficients K1 and 2.

The coefficient K1 is the deflator, which is set ona certain calendar year. It shows the changes in prices for goods for the previous period. The coefficient K2 corrects the basic profitability taking into account the specifics of conducting specific economic activities.

It should be borne in mind that the tax period is one quarter. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate taxes and pay them to the budget 1 time in this time, after the expiration of the reporting period.

The tax rate is 15% of the totalimputed tax. The calculated tax can be reduced by the amount: insurance premiums with employee benefits; contributions for the entrepreneurs themselves; amounts of disability benefits for employees. However, as a result, the amount of the UTII can not be reduced by more than half of the original amount.

Imputed income is paid on the basis of the reportingquarter until the 25th of the following month. The tax return for imputed income is submitted to the inspection until the 20th day of the month in which it is necessary to pay the UTII.

The form of the declaration was approved by the Ministry of Finance on 17.01.2006, the wording of the order was signed on 19.12. 2006.

The tax declaration, for example, for the first quarter, must be submitted to the inspection by April 20, and the tax itself paid - until April 25 inclusive. The deadlines for other quarters are defined similarly.

The Declaration includes the title page and 3section. Entrepreneurs are required to fill in all the parts of the declaration. On the title page it is necessary to fill in the cell "Tax period", having entered into it the number of the reporting quarter.

In 1 section "The amount of UTII" an entrepreneur putsits signature (the signature of the accountant is not needed here). In this section, the columns "OKATO Code", as well as "Classification code (budget)", "The amount of UTII" are filled in. It is necessary to know that the payment document should specify the UTII and KBK.

OKATO means the code of the territory on which the entrepreneur's entrepreneurial activity is conducted (it is determined by the Classifier). The amount of the UTII is taken from the declaration (line 040, section 3.1).

Part of section 2 "Calculation of UTII" should be filled inseveral copies, if there are several types of entrepreneurship. Line 010 contains the activity code. Lines 050-070 are filled in by an accountant with physical indicators for all months. Lines number 080, 090 - for putting the coefficients K1,2. Lines 110-130 - for entering the amount of imputed income by months.

In the 3 section "Calculating the amount of UTII" the amount of the UTII is indicated to be paid for the period. Line 010 shows the tax amount.

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