What is it profitable to sell

What is it profitable to sell?

With the transition of our country to a market economythe concept of deficiency has disappeared. Initially, while the domestic industry recovered from the change in the economic system, the market was filled with imported products, including even food products. Over time, domestic goods produced by reanimated industrial enterprises began to dominate the market. This product has become able to compete even with foreign counterparts.

Currently, the market is so saturateda variety of products that when opening your store it is difficult to decide what is profitable to sell. After all, the market is a tough competition, and it's hard to compete with the same seller who sells similar products at lower prices. In addition, for successful trading, you must select the correct store profile. Therefore, at the very beginning when organizing a business it is necessary for yourself to understand what category of goods you will be selling

High demand goods

Everyone knows from the course of the economy that the availability ofdemand increases supply. In other words, every company specializing in a particular product tries to master the production of goods with high demand. The same applies to the profile of the store, because every seller wants to sell only those goods for which there is the highest demand. It is impossible to determine precisely which goods are profitable to sell, because of the existing competition and the abstractness of the question. After all, everything depends not only on the demand for the goods, but also on how the seller will present it to the buyer. Therefore, when opening a store, you should take care of qualified personnel in advance.

Products |

If the store is located in a place where dailythere is a massive accumulation of people, then we can safely make it a product. Food will always be in demand, since it is essential goods and where there is always a large flow of people, competition is not so terrible.

Personal care products and clothing

Of all that can be profitable to sell, fundsPersonal hygiene occupies the second position, having outstripped even clothes. Clothing takes its honorable third place, of course, it is vitally important for a person, but personal hygiene products are bought almost daily. But the clothes are not more than once a quarter with an orientation to seasonality.

Household goods

Then things and things for the house follow. This category includes kitchen accessories, furniture, household appliances and household appliances, which are sometimes not even used, but simply dust in a corner or on a shelf.


Can not determine the position of mobile phonesand other portable electronics, but this is exactly what is now profitable to sell, despite the high competition. This is due to the constantly updated technology. It is noted that the owners of yesterday's advanced smartphones are in a hurry to exchange them for today's more advanced models.

Sales online

With the development of the Internet, the existence of online stores is becoming more relevant. Internet users often make purchases online, and some just buy all the necessary things.

Of the products that are profitable to sell on the Internet, you can distinguish several groups of goods:

  • The leading place is occupied by the sale of various computer software. The software for computer equipment is constantly updated, this led to a high demand for software.
  • With regard to real products, the second most profitable commodity for sale on the Internet is clothing.
  • But personal hygiene products moved to the third place. Why online turned out the opposite, it's hard to explain.
  • The fourth position reliably holds the digital andelectronic equipment. Buying in the online store of digital technology a laptop or camera, you can pay less than in a regular store, even taking into account the cost of delivery. Hence the high demand on the Internet for such equipment.
  • All other household products in the form ofmedicines, books, DVD-ROMs are not considered particularly advantageous offers. But, nevertheless, they exist on the Web and sales are developing, which means they also bring in revenue.

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