What is professionalism

What is professionalism?

In everyday life, we often encounter such a notion as "professionalism". In this article we will take a closer look at what this concept means. The explanation will go in two directions:

  1. professionalism of a person (what are the qualities of a professional worker);
  2. words-professionalism in Russian.

Professionalism of the employee

Professionalism is a special property of a person,which implies a systematic, effective and reliable performance of complex (professional) activities. Professional activity requires a long period of study: theoretical and practical.

If an employee is a professional, then hisactivity corresponds to objective requirements and, accepted in society, standards. The professionalism of a person is determined by the achievement of high performance indicators, features of his motivation, a system of value orientations and aspirations, the meaning of work for a particular person.

Words-professionalism in linguistics

And now about what professional words are. Professionalism is the words and expressions of representatives of a certain profession. These words are characteristic for any sphere of activity, they penetrate into general-literary use.

Usually professionalism isemotionally colored, prosthetic equivalents of terms: a blunder - a typo (in the speech of newsmen), a steering wheel - a rudder (in the speech of drivers), a pan - synchrophasotron (in the speech of physicists). Professionalism is a synonym, a substitute for the basic notation.

The terms are always precise and stylistically neutral,and the words-professionalism, as a rule, are the result of metaphorical transfer, they are always expressive. A metaphorical transfer of the meanings of the words of everyday vocabulary to terminological concepts by similarity or emotional association is carried out. Professionalism is similar to jargon, peculiar dialects of representatives of society (the jargon of sailors, hunters, students, etc.).

Professional vocabulary is relatively easypass into colloquial speech of the literary language and in common speech: the overlay is a mistake (in the speech of the actors), the janitor - the windshield wiper of the car (in the speech of motorists).

Now you know what professionalism istwo senses. So, professionalism is a property inherent in a person and characterizing his professional activity. Words-professionalism are words and expressions used by representatives of a certain profession.

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