What is the calorie content of boiled chicken breasts

What is the calorie content of boiled chicken breasts

Caloric content of boiled chicken breasts

In the Middle Ages, weak children and the elderly, as well asThe sick and the wounded were given a broth of chicken as a fortifying agent. And there were white poultry meat, mostly breasts. With a fairly low level of medicine, our ancestors intuitively realized that it is this product that contains many proteins needed by the body and little digestible fats. Because this part of the bird's bird can be confidently called a dietary product. The caloric content of boiled chicken breasts is quite low, and the health benefits are incomparably higher. First, the protein. His 100 grams of the product contains about 30 g. Therefore, white meat "ruff" with pleasure eat not only slimming, but also bodybuilders: in fact the protein participates in the "building" of muscles. Fats and carbohydrates in the breast of the bird are negligible. However, when calculating the calorie content of boiled chicken breasts, several factors need to be taken into account: with the bones meat or without, whether there is skin, how long the product was cooked. After all, in raw form, the pure fillet has 115 kcal, meat with bones - 137. The greatest amount of fat is in the skin. Meat with it, but without bones, has a nutritional value of 165 kcal per 100 g.

Caloric content of chicken breast boiledAn important is the method of culinaryprocessing. Naturally, when we fry something, we pour oil on a skillet - the product itself is very nutritious. After frying, the chicken is covered with such an appetizing ruddy crust ... But, alas, its caloric content increases to 200 kcal. But when cooking is the reverse process: boiling water "selects" calories, makes the meat even more lean. After such heat treatment, the broth contains 20% of the nutritional value of raw meat. And the caloric content of boiled chicken breasts at the same time drops to 95 kcal. Of course, this indicator is applicable to a fillet without skin.

Now consider the so-called chicken diet. After all, white poultry meat is a real storehouse of useful minerals (zinc, phosphorus, iron, potassium and calcium), as well as vitamins (B2, B3, K, E, PP). These substances will raise the general tone of the body, and low caloric content of boiled chicken breasts will help you to get rid of five unwanted pounds in 10 days. A sufficient number of proteins obtained with such a diet, does not cause a feeling of hunger, strengthens the muscles and improves the work of the digestive tract.

chicken breast boiled smoked calorie

With this diet, it is permissible to eat no more than 400g boiled breast without skins per day. It is desirable not to salt food, also to exclude sugar from the diet. Additional components to the meat can serve raw or boiled vegetables, unpolished rice. It is permissible to drink coffee and green tea without sugar, fruit fresh. Proceeding from the fact that the caloric content of the chicken breast boiled in the daily dose is about 400 kcal, the rest can be eaten and drunk another 900 units. At the end of the diet, you can pamper yourself with dried fruits and nuts in the morning.

If the taste of boiled meat seems to you insipid,it is worth thinking about other culinary methods of processing the product. You can cook chicken first, and then lightly smoke in a special smoky apparatus. Such a simple trick will give the meat a delicious taste of haze. Breast chicken boiled-smoked caloric content is also small - 160 kcal. But the most successful way of processing is a shish kebab. However, the meat should be marinated in vinegar, and the heat from the coals will drown excess fat. Thus, the nutritional value of the finished product will be 116 kcal.

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  • What is the calorie content of boiled chicken breasts What is the calorie content of boiled chicken breasts What is the calorie content of boiled chicken breasts What is the calorie content of boiled chicken breasts What is the calorie content of boiled chicken breasts What is the calorie content of boiled chicken breasts