What to buy for the New Year

What to buy for the New Year?

New Year! Oh, how are we all waiting for him! It is with the New Year we associate all the best, our hopes, dreams, a white band in life. But, just waiting for it, a little. We must prepare for it, and prepare carefully, that he would like to enter your door and bring with him a bag of new successes and ups.

So where do you start? What to buy for the New Year?

The first step is to take care of the designapartment, office or country house. And the sooner you decorate the room, the longer the New Year's mood will surround you, your colleagues, friends and relatives. Decorate the apartment can be anything, well, and in the New Year holidays there is a mandatory attribute - a Christmas tree, and everything that is associated with it (spruce branches and cones). In addition to Christmas trees, buy new toys, tangerines (they also decorate apartments), artificial snowflakes, ribbons, garlands and even balls.

The room was decorated. What's next? What else to buy for the New Year?

Let's think about the outfits. After all, how you will meet the New Year - so you will spend it. They say that the color of clothes should correspond to that sign of the horoscope, whose year is expected. If this is the year of the Rooster, then surely there must be feathers, and if the Dragon, then the skin. But the main thing is not even that - the main thing is that your outfit should be festive and, preferably, new.

We dressed ourselves. Have not you forgotten anything? What else to buy for the New Year?

Products! Of course. Where without a New Year's table. Olivier, jellied fish and champagne. It would seem that it's easier. So it is so, but we have not lived in the Soviet Union for a long time and the wind does not whistle on store shelves. So why not please yourself with something unusual. For example, pineapple, caviar or turkey. Do not forget never the expression - "What's on the table in the New Year - then it will be the whole year." Make your menu diverse so that the menu is present and fish and meat, and vegetables and fruits, cake and ice cream. A variety of salads is also welcome. And of course do not forget to buy champagne for the New Year. Where without it? It is for this drink that the most cherished desires are made.

And the table itself also do not forget to decorate. Cover it with a solemn tablecloth and arrange on it sprigs of spruce, you can also make small compositions of candles.

New Year is always associated with the smelltangerines. So, be sure to put a couple of citrus on a plate, or scatter them on the table. In addition to the smell, it will also be a wonderful decor element.

Dishes on the New Year's table should be the same in color and style, and knives and forks wipe to shine, glasses, glasses and wine glasses prepare for the number of drinks.

All the most important things have been prepared. Can still what to buy for the New Year?

Gifts, that's what we did not mention. You can give anything, most importantly, beautifully wrap the present and put it under the tree. But if you still have questions about what to give for the New Year, see the next article: "What to give for the New Year?".

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