Where to go with the guy

Where to go with the guy?

The article will tell you how to conduct aleisure for the benefit of both participants, the guy and the girl. Moreover, the initiative can not always come from the male side, and the hope of getting an invitation to go to a restaurant or, at least, to a zoo, does not always come true. Therefore, the question where to go with a guy can appear in the girl's head.

There is a stereotype that a woman should not be the firstoffer to meet a man, whether a new friend or husband, with ten years of marriage behind. But it is worth considering that both of them, perhaps, will not refuse to walk from a special female in a sunlit glade or watch the sunset on a shady bench ... But arguing on the topic where you can go with a guy, often the girl herself and the boy this holiday is not the same. Because for a woman, rest is, in most cases, putting things in order in their thoughts and in their own appearance, either by visiting the salon or communicating with their beloved friend, and for a man it is most likely an active holiday, with a football and beer or virtual machine behind the computer monitor. Yes, there is a difference in perception of leisure, but our task now is not to look for the reasons for this, but to identify the moments that both sides can unite. So it's better to think about where to go with a guy than to look for support from girlfriends in that this same guy is somehow not romantic and listless. So, you can consider the following options for leisure.

Hike to attractions

For this purpose, a park with swings, carousels andother children's entertainment. And you do not need to specifically schedule a trip there, but the most natural thing to look like is a walk past the park with a suggestion to go and remember childhood. This venture can bring a couple closer together and improve the mood by the fun and carefree reign of the playground.

Trip to nature

Can not cause a condemnation of the offer to takebicycles, own or for hire, stock up on delicious food and a soft veil, and drive out of town. Although you can leave on a suburban train. How wonderful it is to be two or three days away from the city noise! Romantically spend the night in a small abandoned village, where there is not a soul around! And the availability of street "amenities" and the need to cook food on open fire will invariably bring people together and allow them to get to know each other better.

Trekking in the stable

Not everyone can stay in the saddle. But it's worth a try! Especially since this is a wonderful decision of where you can go with a guy. After all, the men in the blood flaunt! And communication with horses will help to get away from domestic squabbles and help to build understanding.

Hiking in the pool

And do not say that there is no time for this at all! First, it is very useful for health. Secondly, it is very pleasant and erotic to swim next to each other.

Going to a restaurant

You can go to a restaurant about and without it. This will be a wonderful sign of attention to a loved one, especially if he knows what it cost you.

Trip to Paris

Or to Milan, or to Venice. You can set a goal, save money and invite a loved one to a romantic trip. Any reason for the refusal can be eliminated: the grandmother will take care of the children, the doggie-friend, the parrots-the neighbor. Joint plans and realized dreams firmly unite everyone!

Trekking in remote places

In large cities it is difficult to find abandoned places,and their search with a camera or camera will be remembered for a long time. At the same time, if the girl could not figure out where to invite the guy, then this would be an interesting proposal on her part. There you can find many secluded alleys, mysterious buildings, as well as beautiful landscapes.

And the main campaign can be called, in the end, a campaign in the registry office. If, of course, this decision is thought-out and conscious.

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