Why can not you often guess

Why can not you often guess?

Why can not you often guess?

  • Usually we guess when we want to know what events are waiting for us. To divination is resorted to in questions of love. We would like that a loved one must notice and appreciate us. Frequent divination dulls a person's sense of reality, he begins to build their actions according to predictions, hopes for them.

  • In fact, it is almost impossible to foresee your future. But no one forbids you to apply to fortunetellers, this is your personal choice. It's different, when people are deceived and they take money for cheating, this is fraud. Well, the attitude to fortune-telling is different for everyone, someone with a desire goes to fortune-tellers and is ready to shell out money for predicting his future, and someone ignores them and ignores all their predictions, misses the ears. Much depends on the attitude to the predictions, it's like psychology. But how often you can guess - this is not written anywhere, everything is only of a recommendatory nature. But the more often you guess, the less valuable and important is every guessing. So I would advise you to go to fortune tellers only if necessary, but it is better to believe in general that our life is in our hands only, and not in the hands of fortune tellers.

  • They say it's impossible to guess at all, especially for young unmarried girls, it's possible to lose destiny, but in general fortune telling is a sin, because you contact the evil spirit, you try to learn something that you do not need to know, therefore you do not need to get involved in it ... even if you do not to be superstitious, it is not necessary simply because thoughts materialize ...

  • Because divination destroys the human biofield and it becomes vulnerable, that is, accessible to what is called the evil eye in the people. I once went with a friend to the fortune teller. So she refused to give her a guess, explaining that she had a strong aura and did not have to destroy it. Honest lucky fortune-teller. Could tell a case with one of my friends, but this is a very long story. But just about the fact that you do not need to run around fortune tellers, so as not to hurt yourself.

  • If you are guessing, and predictions begin to come true, then life becomes uninteresting. What is the point of doing something in this life, if everything is already predetermined? It is better not to guess at all and receive from life various surprises and pleasures.

  • Divination is looking into the future, and it is better not to stir it, because the events go as they should go, and to change something is useless, as Vanga herself said. She tried to save a person from death, but the circumstances were as follows. that he still died that day. Guessing reveals something that can not be opened. There are also fortunetellers who predict wrongly, which can spoil the person's mood, and even life. Yes, and not in a Christian way, the church of divination condemns and does not welcome.

  • One can not often guess, because the cards, as they say, "get tired"; and begin to give incorrect information. Especially, if to cards to address often and on any trifles. It is only necessary to ask questions that are important for you sometimes.

  • It is forbidden to guess at all. It is not useful for us to know the future, and moreover all these divinations are a complete deception.

    The Lord strictly forbids us to address the anniversaries and magicians.

  • I think that because guesswork is conjectures and coincidences are purely accidental. That did not coincide in the future what predicted the divination - you will think that divination is sometimes mistaken, that is not 100% is working. And if it coincided, you think: but it does work. But coincidences are purely accidental. That's why you should not often guess - because you gradually start to believe absolutely the fortune telling and scoop up the answers not by some inferences, but simply from the air, as the card will lie down.

    1) First, you will forget how to think logically (why think if you can ask a question and get an answer right away).

    2) Secondly, you are engaged in self-deception, because what you show there may be untrue, or maybe some forces will deliberately start to mislead, denigrating people you are guessing at.

    3) Thirdly, the brain protection disappears. This is expressed in the fact that your thoughts are easier to read to different entities and people with supernatural abilities. Knowing the thoughts, ill-wishers will know what you want, and what you are afraid of. What you want, they will try to prevent you from reaching, and what you are afraid of, on the contrary, will try to implement.

    That is, the brain simply spoils. To think logically you forget, believing the wind in the field, and also you open the soul to the forces of evil that use it against you.

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