Why did the keyboard stop working

Why did the keyboard stop working?

The keyboard is one of the most necessary andirreplaceable devices, connected to computers, laptops, tablets. Currently, there are many of their types, if you want, you can find a keyboard of almost any size and color. There are even devices with a wireless connection to a PC (for example, a bluetooth keyboard) and devices that are not afraid of spilled liquid on them. Only one has not yet been invented by scientists-technicians: a keyboard that does not break.

The keyboard ceased to functionUnfortunately, these input devices to this dayremain extremely vulnerable. Pronounced with sadness the words "the keyboard has stopped working" can be heard almost every day. And not only old, but also bought devices are broken.

Of course, careful care and careful handling of equipment can prevent many unpleasant situations. But what if it's too late? What should I do if the keyboard stops working?

In the first place - no panic. Firstly, there is a high probability that the damage is insignificant and repairs will be easy. Secondly, even if you can not fix the device, the cost of the new is quite small.

So, when the first shock after the breakdown is over, you need to try to find out why the keyboard has stopped working. The most common are the following reasons:

1. If the keyboard is new, there may be a manufacturing fault. In this case (if the owner has a guarantee for the device), the problem is solved very easily, simply by going to the store and replacing the defective product with a quality one. To establish this reason, it is recommended to test the functionality of the keyboard on several devices, if it is the same - you can safely go to the store.

2. If the keyboard is already old, then it is worth checking the integrity of the USB-cable connecting it to the computer, and also remember if any liquids were spilled onto it. The wire can be easily replaced, and if the device is clogged, it must be disassembled and cleaned. Damage due to impact is also possible.

The keyboard on the laptop stopped working3. If the keyboard works correctly on other devices, and problems occur only on one PC, then it is worth checking out its software - perhaps the proper operation is hampered by related problems. Also, a virus can disrupt the action of the device, so it is recommended to check the computer for viruses.

4. It is also possible to malfunction the keyboard cable. If the keyboard has stopped working, but there are no obvious reasons for this, you should check its integrity. In case of damage to the loop, you can buy a new one and replace it, and also (but only in certain cases) a soldering of the damaged area is possible.

5. Also, the keyboard may stop working due to a malfunction of the microcontroller. But this problem is eliminated only in the service.

bluetooth keyboardAs a rule, if the keyboard has stopped working,Special problems with its repair does not arise. Many problems can be fixed by yourself, if everything is too difficult, you can contact the service center specialists. In the end, you can always buy a new one.

But everything is much more complicated if it stops workingkeyboard on the laptop. The reason for this - its integrity with the body and, as a consequence, the complexity of repair and replacement. In case of a keyboard failure on this device, it is recommended that you immediately contact the professionals, and not try to fix everything yourself.

In the event of a wireless device failureit is recommended to pay attention to the battery level and the presence of radio frequency interference. In addition, problems can arise when the keyboard is on a metal surface.

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