Why dream of own death

Why dream of own death? To a long life?

what does your own death dream about

Own death in a dream is a sign of longevity,interpreters believe. There is no reason for concern and about the health of someone who has seen such a strange event. But solving such a dream, you need to pay attention to the environment, and most importantly - your own mood. What emotions did you experience?

What does his own death dream about, interprets a symbolic dream book

This respected source advises everything seenattributed to the subconscious. To see your own death in a dream means that you are experiencing changes in your personality. Perhaps deep in the subconsciousness is a reassessment of values. You still can not feel it completely, but there are already certain signs that you have grown out of the old framework. Wait for further changes in your attitude, which can fundamentally affect your life.

to see one's own death in a dream

Why dream of own death, explains the dreamer Shereminskaya

A new life is the main meaning of the vision ofhis own demise. You complete the old cycle, summarize and prepare the platform for a new start. This dream may suggest that you need to actively complete all the business started, because soon you will have completely new ones. Be prepared for the fact that some of your current connections will be cut off. On the horizon, there are already new people who will play a significant role in your new life. Also, the subconscious mind thus signals to you that it is required to release some of the energy in order to let into your environment something new, previously unknown. In general, this dream is very favorable. He predicts change.

Why dream of own death, dismantles a small dream book

Very good, if you have seen (or heard) a datehis death. This will be the time when all your enemies will "leave" you. To you the dream guarantees a carefree life. All the works will be paid for, the goals are achieved. On the horizon loom new heights, to which you enthusiastically rush.

own death in a dreamWhy dream of own death. Opinion of the Islamic dream book

This source believes that death in a dreamforetells the end of pleasure in reality. That is, your life will change for the worse. For the poor, on the contrary, sleep presages the deliverance from poverty, a prosperous life. Sometimes, such a vision testifies to the extraordinary insight of a person. He is thus invited into another world, so that he receives information from there and uses it in earthly life. Also, a dream speaks of the need to observe spiritual laws in everyday life. It is a reminder that all your affairs will be evaluated. For all have to answer.

Modern dream book

Visions that you are going to another world,push you to review personal beliefs. Your life has already grown from those children's views, which sometimes still guide you. It is necessary to change our positions on fundamental, fundamental issues. To do this, you need to allocate some time to rethink your life position. Also, a dream of one's own death speaks about the possibility of delightful changes if you can correctly use the advice received. Sometimes he just predicts good luck and health.

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