Why is the computer buggy

Why is the computer buggy?

Any computer is a complex electronic device,requiring certain rules of care and use. And as with any technique when users violate such rules, the computer may have malfunctions, resulting in a decrease in its performance. About the main reasons why a laptop or a stationary computer is buggy, and we'll go further.

Why the computer is buggy: the main reasons

The reasons for why a computer is buggy are of two kinds. It can be either problems with components, or disruptions in the work of programs and systems. The most important of these reasons are as follows:

  1. Hard disk failure. In order to test the hard disk, you can use special programs. Such programs are usually free and very simple to install. They check the disk for the presence of bugs (broken sectors), identify problematic and incidentally heal some of them. If there are a lot of bad sectors, then the hard disk should be repaired in the computer service or changed to a new one.
  2. RAM malfunctions. In this case, applications hang, the computer can be rebooted, showing errors on the blue screen. Often the reason for this is the lack of RAM for some applications. To check the RAM, there are also special programs (for example, "Memtest"). In case they do not help, you should give the computer to a service center.
  3. Cached cache (super-fast memory, increasingfunctionality of operative memory). To prevent the computer from bugging when using the Internet, the cache must be cleaned. The easiest way to do this is right in the browser, by pressing the "clear history" button. For deeper cleaning the cache, there are special programs.
  4. High temperature of the processor, video card andhard drive. If their temperature is above 60 degrees, then the cause of why the computer is buggy is the processor fan malfunction. In case of overheating, the computer not only buggy, but can also be turned off by itself.
  5. Obsolete system. To brake the computer can also because the system installed on it for many years has not been updated and, moreover, is heavily "crammed" with files. In this case, you need to reinstall the system.
  6. There is a lack of space on the C drive. In order for the computer not to brake while running, it is important that at least 15% of the space remains free on the disk.
  7. The completed register. It can be cleaned at least once a week by such programs as, for example, "Ccleaner", "Auslogic Boot Speed".
  8. Viruses. This is a common cause of computer malfunction. To avoid this, you need to constantly update the anti-virus database.
  9. Auto-load applications. Very often when you start the computer system there is also an automatic download of a lot of programs that are not needed and are not used by the user of the computer. Such programs overload the system and cause the computer to hang. To solve this problem, you should disable autoloading of applications.

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