Wild landowner (summary)

"Wild landowner" (summary)

Saltykov-Shchedrin works are focused onthinking, intellectual readership. Humor and subtle irony gradually turn into cruel sarcasm, and the huge amount of literary artistic means used by him can contribute to the expansion of the outlook and lexical baggage of a modern teenager.

wild landowner

Important is the fact that Shchedrin's tales are takenfor a basis the native Russian traditions and customs, which acquaint us with the life of our ancestors. Topical themes were raised by the author in his tales and stories. Sometimes for sarcasm you could guess the writer's dissatisfaction with the public order and the government as a whole. He, as a true artist, was able to emphasize problems of a global scale.

"Wild landowner": a brief tale of a satirical tale

This is one of the deepest works of Saltykov-Shchedrin.

If you are limited in time, then tolearn the story to the end, we advise you to read the "Wild landlord" - a summary. This instructive story is a wonderful reading for both the adult and the child. A subtle thread of irony, turning into sheer sarcasm, is traced throughout the fairy tale. So, a short summary of "Wild landowner".

In the fairy tale the author tells about the landowner, who was sufficiently provided for everything except the mind. And, as often happens, a foolish person is drawn to "feats."

He lived himself in the clover, did not grieve, but he did notthere was calmness from the Russian peasants and peasants, and he complained to the Lord about his intolerant, say, "peasant spirit" peasant does not love him. God knew that the landowner did not have a clear mind and left his entreaties without execution. Then the enraged landlord decided to survive all the peasants from the estate, complicating their life by extreme measures. The life of the peasants was unbearable: neither breathing nor stepping could not be without demand and knowledge, and for the slightest offense there followed a cruel punishment. And the peasants gave their prayers to the Lord, seeking help at a difficult hour for them. God pardoned the peasants and through the air carried the whole "chaff spirit" away from the possessions of the harsh landowner. And the man of grace and pure air rejoiced, and calm and lonely.

wild landownerThe landowner decided to pamper himself with the theater. But nothing good came of it - only he was called a "fool", because without the peasants there was no one to deal with the arrangement of the scenery and the raising of the curtain.

Then the hero decided to invite the guests to play with him incards. He sent an invitation to all the eminent generals who responded with joy, but after learning that, in the midst of gingerbread and candy, there would be nothing to be treated, terribly angry people left, calling our landowner a fool. Our landlord became thoughtful, after all, it was not for nothing that he was called that way.

But thought away ... and further the proud landowner lives, rejoices in the fresh air, eats gingerbread, does not wash, does not shave. He is all in dreams - he thinks about buying cars that can replace human hands. As Saltykov-Shchedrin describes in a fairy tale "The Wild Landowner", this character has become dandified to such a state that his dedication to ministers for persevering inflexibility and perseverance seemed to him. However, the black day has come - the police chief came to check his life, and he also called the stupid landowner a fool.

And the landlord realized that not only his stubbornness was injured in himself, but the whole state. The landowner was afraid of punishment and was completely wild: he buried himself from the light, hunted, and befriended the bear.savage landlord shalderin

Meanwhile, the authorities are concerned about the situationof things. And it was decided to return the peasants back and make a reproach to the landowner for his utter stupidity and stubbornness. In the end, the situation was corrected, the affairs of the state returned to their places, and the landlord reconciled with the presence of "chaff spirit."

Here are some of the facts from thehistory "Wild landowner". The brief content of the instructive tale, of course, also allows us to understand the deep meaning embedded in it, and the importance of peasants (and generally ordinary people) in the life of the country.

I hope you read the original fairy taleShchedrin "Wild landowner"? The summary will tell you only the main points and ideas of the work.

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