With what to wear a breeches

With what to wear a breeches?

Today some of the beautifulsex forced to refuse to buy trousers breeches because they simply do not know what to wear breeches and how to pack things up so as not to look ridiculous and ridiculous. Therefore, we offer you recommendations on how to choose clothes and shoes for individual trouser trousers.

A bit about riding breeches

Fashionable trousers now breeches are Frenchorigin, in their time (XVIII century) they wore in the French army. And these pants are named for the French general Gaston Halifey, who invented this tailoring when he wanted to hide a very ugly deformation of the thigh after being wounded. And this style of trousers really liked the people around, even the queen, so it was decided to include the riding breeches in cavalry uniforms. Much later, when some women began to emphasize equality between the sexes, some of the items of purely masculine clothing gradually migrated to the ladies' wardrobe. As for the breeches, today this style is worn, mostly only by women. Fashion for these pants originated in the 80 years of the last XX century, but it has reached a special heyday now.

Halifa women: with what to wear

First let's talk about riding breeches classiclength, made of monophonic fabric in various standard colors of blue, gray and brown colors. They are perfect for a classic jacket, as well as a blouse of classic cut and almost any blouse made of high quality knitwear. And shoes with such breeches will look great shoes of medium height on a fairly stable heel or leather boots.

Now about trousers of this type, made fromsuch fabrics as satin, wool, silk or with the addition of silk threads. With them you can wear clothes such as, for example, delicate, silk, voluminous blouses, as well as blouses with ruffles and flounces. Excellent with such breeches will look and jacket - velvet, velor or with satin inserts. I must say that with trousers of such a cut in clothes you will have much fewer restrictions. Shoes are better to choose on a heel, however experts in the field of a fashion suppose to choose for such riding breeches footwear which most corresponds to a created image.

With what to wear jeans-riding breeches

Here we are going to talk not only about the jeans-riding breeches,but also about knitted, because they are combined with about the same items of clothing and shoes. From clothes to such breeches it is possible to pick up elastic or knitted top with any dynamical or even sports drawing, and from shoes boots or even sports shoes will approach: sneakers, sneakers.

And, finally, one more kind of riding breeches, about which weit is necessary to tell, are trousers of various rigid invoices, such as leather, satin, and mainly dark color. Of clothes here are more aggressive things. For example, a blouse made of similar hard materials. In this case, the color should be selected rich, or dark or even contrast. It is very welcome and the presence of a leather belt, wide enough and with a large metal buckle. It will also look great with trousers-breeches wide bracelet and other daring and defiant decorations. Well, now you know what to wear trousers-breeches of any style - from classic to jeans and leather.

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